About this Blog

Today, we are living in a period which forces the inhabitants of this planet to frequently cope with Chaos – of our own making if we are to be completely honest with ourselves. The rapidity of changes in our environment, and particularly at a macro level, frequently threatens to overwhelm us and leave us wondering about the utility or perhaps once could say, the 'futility' of human existence. We try to seek our answers in the realm of rationality and when that fails to satisfy the inner doubt, to the realms Beyond.

This blogger believes that everything is Energy. How we choose to define this Energy, or if we choose to even believe in its existence, depends upon the individual's journey so far. This blogger believes that the Tarot has much to offer in interpreting this complicated piece of modern art, which is our World. They can assist us in tapping our inner consciousness and through such consciousness, to tap into the universal consciousness to better comprehend the factors which have led to disturbance in our lives, our minds and our souls. They can and frequently are the tool of divine guidance regarding the advisable future course of action.

This blog is not meant to be anything more than an individual's quest to find meaning in this Chaos, through the use of an alternative perspective. We invite you to join us with open minds and hearts...

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