22 May 2012

[Headline: Does Arsenal really want to win the EPL again?]

Q: What will it take for Arsenal to win the EPL next season? What is the guidance for the club?

The choice for Arsenal is clear this season. They have to take some positive steps or face DISASTER.

There is a very strong likelihood of Arsenal carrying on as before, which will of course, lead to disaster this time.

Arsenal has the money. The owners and manager have to trust the team and use the money for some must-do items this time. If they refuse to spend, player and fan morale will sink, and quite likely some key players will move to improve their prospects, leaving the team in shambles. So try to give the players peace of mind.

The management have a choice to make - disaster, or make it work into something great. It is in their hands. 

First, they have to hire at least one player of the same level as Robin van Persie. To keep Robin interested, they have to get a partner who will complement him. If van Persie stays, the team will go far.

Arsenal has to focus on their own strengths. They know how to play their game. They are already doing it.

Wenger has to really lead the team to prosperity. To do that he would have to shed some of his stubbornness. Listen to the fans, and also go within himself and listen to his heart. Then he will see the situation clearly, understand what is needed, and can follow his heart to bring about the positive changes. Mentally, Wenger has some conflict about the course of action.

Overall, the club (owners and manager) have to decide whether they want their best player and others to leave or, they want the rule the world. Disaster or Victory?

Special Guidance for Wenger:

- Arsenal is lucky to end up even in third position. Find the blessings in the current situation.
- Get your priorities right. Do you want to win or not? Buy some good players.
- Have faith. Arsenal can do it with some positive changes. 


  1. Perhaps you could also answer what will it take to change Wenger's mind?

  2. Listening to his heart and having faith has been exactly what Wenher has done. Too bad Emirates has not done good with them. It will be too late if they wait until the stadium debt is paid, it might be too difficult to attract top players then. Now they still can do that in some respect.