12 Sep 2012

[Headline: Rahul Gandhi's Political Future]

Q. What does Rahul Gandhi's political future look like at the moment?

As the next big hope of the Congress Party, Rahul Gandhi, surprisingly, seems to be running low on confidence and is somewhat downbeat about the political scenario.

This negative frame of mind may be preventing him from assessing the situation, as he should be doing. As a result, he may not look positively at the mantle of leadership that the rest of the party-members are trying to thrust upon his shoulders. He has repeatedly refused the offers to join the government.

The Tarot suggests that his current mindset is politically self-destructive! Staying quiet and invisible in the background at this moment of crisis is not advisable, as the future leader is expected to lead from the front, whatever the odds.

Part of the reason for Rahul's withdrawal may be that he does not believe he can pull a rabbit out of the hat and help the party overcome its dismal record of performance and accountability. This may also be compounded due to differences of opinion amongst family members.

Another angle to this reluctance may be that his life is a contrast to the dream script of his father's life, where his father, Rajiv, came as a ray of hope and captured the imagination of the public. Rahul, by contrast has already faced some reverses in the political field and he realises that the murky environment around the party is not conducive to a successful political career. Therefore, in the short run, success in the political sphere seems doubtful.

The Tarot's guidance for Rahul is to accept the challenge and join the battle, because that is his duty to his party and to his family. He must not despair about the past , because for him personally, at least, a fresh new opportunity to prove himself is just around the corner, maybe in a few months.

23 Aug 2012

[Headline: Will Robin van Persie Dazzle at ManU?]

Q. How will Robin van Persie perform in his first season at Manchester United ?

This season, for RVP, may not turn out exactly as he hopes and expects it to. Even though he will receive full support from his new manager and he, himself, also feels that the move to Manchester United is the culmination of his footballing journey, he'll face a few difficulties adjusting to the culture at his new club. He also may have to face some ego issues that may be difficult to deal with.

The start of the season could be somewhat of a disappointment for him as he might fall short of expectations. The flamboyance, which his new club expects from his game, may not be visible. Mentaly, however, he feels that he's the "Emperor" and he has everything under control.

By the end of the current season, there's a possibility of Robin being involved in some kind of conflict and he could end up feeling a bit let down by his new club. He quickly needs to get used to Manchester United's way of functioning and give it his best shot.

20 Jul 2012

[Headline: How Secure Are The Olympics?]

Q. In the last few days before the Olympics begin, a quick look at the security set up.

In the lead up to the games, a few terror plots have been foiled. So, is the security setup effective enough to block all attacks?

The Tarot Cards indicate that 'all is well'. There doesn't seem to be even a hint of trouble. The Games are secure as nothing can penetrate all the levels of security. People can attend the events without fear.

19 Jul 2012

[Headline: Yuvraj Back in Indian Cricket Team]

Q. How will Yuvraj Singh's form hold up in his most dramatic return to the Indian cricket team?

This is one comeback that even his worst critics would applaud. Making a recovery from lung cancer, Yuvraj Singh has just been named in the probables for the T20 World Cup. Now it is up to him.

The Tarot Cards say that Yuvraj is receiving and will continue to receive complete support and cooperation from every aspect of his environment. The Cricket Board is in the mood to provide him all the opportunities he needs to get his game back and reclaim his rightful place in the team.

Yuvraj too, at the moment, is completely focused, enthusiastic and energised about playing with the team again. It is like a new beginning for him, even in terms of the emotions involved, and he will be hopeful of regaining his form again.

However, and Yuvraj knows, that it a difficult road and things cannot be the same again. In reality, it is actually more difficult than he thinks it is. The carefree attitude of pre-illness days may not be the best strategy now.

Yuvraj will get enough opportunities but if he does not apply himself with solid determination and will power, every single day, he (and his body) may just not be able to keep pace with the demands of international sports. His form too may be patchy. And so the Tarot Cards advise him not to take his fitness and game lightly. This new beginning will be tougher than breaking into the team the first time.

At the same time, Yuvraj must be fair to himself. He must accept the changed circumstances of his life, and try to understand how it might lead him to higher goals.

10 Jul 2012

[Headline: Arsenal sans Persie]

Q. Even at this stage, is there a chance that Robin van Persie will decide to stay with Arsenal? If he goes, how will Arsenal perform in the coming season?

Robin van Persie has made up his mind to go. While money is a motivator, what he really craves is the satisfaction of winning, football glory, and playing for the best possible team. Arsenal's conservative approach is thwarting his lofty ambitions. He is in the mood to 'flirt' with a more successful club.

First season, after van Persie's exit:

Arsenal would once again go through a heartbreak. It would be a stressful time for all with the club, and they would be very upset with van Persie's betrayal. The environment would be saturated with negative emotions about being let down by their star player.

Once the season gets going, Arsenal will try its best with the resources at its disposal, but the air of negativity will continue to pull them down. There will be a phase when Arsenal will be on an extended winning streak, but that will taper off.

The only way forward for Arsenal is to stop dwelling on Persie's betrayal, and go out to win. The new strikers will not be able to deliver to their full potential if the ghost of van Persie is not completely banished from the team's locker room. Have faith in the team.

Also read related blog posting of 22nd May: Does Arsenal Really Want to Win?

[Headline: Will India's Congress Party be Back in 2014?]

Q. Will the Indian National Congress (Congress) be able to come pack to power after the 2014 general elections in India?

Considering the pathetic record of the Congress led alliance (UPA) in governance, this should be an easy one for the electorate. Bring in the new!

The Tarot Cards too indicate that the Congress party, as a force by itself, is finished for the time being. Their is no charisma, nothing to draw the voters to itself. Instead, all that it has touched, has turned to mud. Too many skeletons in the cupboard means that the party is weighed down by its past wrongdoings.

This would seem the perfect setting for the opposition (primarily the BJP) to build its own popularity and put up a good show in the next elections. Instead the opposition too is in complete disarray. The Congress has tripped itself flat, but the opposition is not even around to land a punch.

So the Congress will win, by a walkover.

The way the game is progressing, the Congress will  be back (as a coalition government), but not before it has to resort to deals and manipulations that are commonplace in Indian politics. The victory will not seem honourable.

In the entire drama, 2 younger people and 1-2 older ones will play a key role, whereas some of those older ones in charge may not fare well.

As a result of all the political churning (with allies and potential partners), a new leader for PM will emerge who will turn out to be very effective, and therefore, a good choice for the nation.

What can the BJP learn from this likely scenario? How can they affect the outcome? The Congress will be back by default and manipulations and not due to its popularity or performance. So this tarot reading is an early warning for the BJP to focus on strengthening its alliances, and choosing a strong leader (future PM) to spearhead their campaign.

2 Jul 2012

[Guidance for July 2012]

Guidance for You: All through July 2012

This is a general tarot reading and maybe only one or more paragraphs will apply to your current situation, depending upon where you live and what stage of life or self-discovery you are at.

* ** * *

At the forefront, still, is the urgent need to survive the economic turmoil countries across the world are going through, particularly Europe. Survival brings out the best and the worst in people. So it is likely that the frustration and stress will drive people into conflict with the authorities. There will be intolerance and disbelief for even the best of intentions and efforts of those in charge. The Tarot advises you to make the effort to restrain yourself, be stable and grounded, and remain calm. Otherwise the situation can easily spin out of control.

This is the time for kindness and gentleness, not brute bullying force, in matters concerning children and marriage. Take the steps to understand your children, and treat them with unconditional love even in the face of provocation. That is the path to harmony at home.  Also, this is a really bad time (actually, there is never a good time) for sexual indiscretions and disloyalty to your partner or spouse. Exercise self-control, or pay the price. You will have to work at improving your relationship.

There is a feeling that the economy is taking too long to recover, if at all. This was not supposed to happen to you or to your country. It does not seem fair. But problems often precede opportunities. You could try new ways of creating wealth, and there is a good chance you will succeed. Work at making your dreams come true.

You may have withdrawn from other people and their problems in the hope that you will be happy in your little island of peace. Instead, you should reach out with compassion and understanding, and help in creating happiness for others. Women particularly should not be aggressive in their behaviour, but consciously choose to express themselves with love.

You must be more flexible, tolerant or open to other people's thinking or way of life. Try to understand the spiritual laws, instead of mocking them. You may need to express yourself in new and different ways.

July will also be conducive, if you are willing, to connect with your higher self. You will realise and feel that you are complete in yourself, and do not need crutches to keep your chin up. Learn to meditate and go within.

30 Jun 2012

[Headline: Mayan Prophecy - Is it the BIG Deal?

Q.  The Mayan prophecy based on the date 21st Dec 2012 has conjured up many dramatic scenarios for mankind, many of them, expectedly, are doomsday ones. Are we really heading for a planetary disaster that our rational minds are afraid to acknowledge, or is there another angle to consider? Either way, is this date and year a significant one?

This Tarot Cards reading takes the before-and-after 21st Dec approach, and looks at likely changes for the planet and its people.

The Tarot reading:

However compelling the case for human extinction, now is not the time. So if you're looking for instant relief, take this pill: The human race is NOT in any immediate danger of elimination from this reality show. No continental scale disasters or upheavals are likely to happen in the remaining months of the year. But there will be acclerated change on the spiritual plane, that may not even be evident to those who 'have eyes, but cannot see'.

As the end of the year approaches, the general feeling of loss, despair, disillusionment, unfulfilment or emptiness will gradually peak, and for many fortunate people, it will be the moment of truth and the time to make the decision to act to resolve all sources of conflict in their lives.

The biggest conflict to come to realisation is that the pursuit of wealth does not necessarily lead to happiness. Wealth provides comforts of life, without guarantee of happiness. Currently people are directing all their energies and commitment in the physical world but they are rarely rewarded with what they truly want. At a deeper level, there is no celebration of success because the ego never rests. Feeling caught up in their situations, people are clinging on to superficial stuff that defines success for them and their peers.

In these times, people are not able to find a balance between the spiritual and the material worlds; they are unable to blend the conscious and unconscious power that they have.

21st December will be like the cusp of spiritual change, though it cannot be sharply defined as that single point after which dramatic change will occur. Visible change will be gradual. Something new will come into being.

People should make a conscious decision  leave / avoid those situations that no longer work for them, and to resolve conflicts on every plane - values, people, priorities etc.

Those who are willing to walk this path, will cultivate an inner stillness. They will study esoteric sciences. The doors of spiritual realisation will start to open for them.

This group will realise and decide that there is more to life than the physical world and material parameters of success. They will learn to commune with their inner self and discover the path by which they can manifest their own fortune too in the physical world, meaning that the spiritual and worldly paths are not mutually exclusive.

Those who do not take a conscious decision to purify and heal their lives, will have to pay the price by continuing to live a life devoid of true joy. Karmic debt will rest more heavily on their shoulders.

Overall, people will be drawn to spiritual life, after realising that material pursuits, by themselves, are a dead end. Through meditation and other techniques they will discover the missing parts of their lives, and will be guided by their inner voice to their purpose in life.

Youngsters will play a big role in the transformation. Of the people who choose the new path, some (probably the older generations) will lean towards traditional religion, while others and youth will go deeper into spirituality.

A difference with the emerging spiritual quest is that many will choose to walk alone on the path of meditation and self-discovery. Solitude will be the portal to inner life. This will allow for co-existence and blending of the material and spiritual worlds of an individual.

As an estimate, it is likely that a little less than 40% of people will come around to believing and following the spiritual path to find joy.

24 Jun 2012

[Headline: How Will Obama Perform in Round 2?]

Q.  IF Obama wins a second time, how well will he do as President, specifically for the citizens of USA?  His impact on the rest of the world is not being considered.

An earlier reading - Will Obama Win? - was done more as a guidance for success than a prediction of the outcome. The current reading looks at his likely performance if he returns to the Oval Office, and is along the same sombre lines as the earlier readings done for him. Of course, nothing can match the electric atmosphere of his win in 2008.

The Tarot Reading:

IF Obama wins, the baggage and ghosts of the previous term will await him in his office. Naturally, it will be a continuation for him, so no cartons to unpack, no new upholstery, and definitely no opportunity for a fresh start.

Initially, the general population will be feeling upbeat, expecting a brighter future. Obama, like Romney (Will Romney be a Good President?), will not act in haste. The gravity of the situation is not lost on either of them. Obama will make the effort, and will achieve some traction in the economy, but in the longer run it may not seem enough and people's impression will change to Obama not delivering on the promise of bringing balance in the economy. With continuing instability, the mood of the nation will not improve, and Obama can expect extreme displeasure from the public in general , and the youth in particular.

Some personal traits will start to work against Obama. First, his virtuous image might limit his options for action. Are some decisions best handled by a cold-blooded, tougher approach?

Second would be Obama's tendency to become stubborn about his way of thinking, not willing to compromise or remaining inflexible in critical discussions. His thought process is not expected to change and so he is unlikely to try anything new. His mantra of "I know best" will probably let him down.

Little wonder then if Obama struggles for the success that should have been well within his grasp. Overall, success will come to him slowly, and on the economic front it will be difficult for him to create the jobs the nation needs.

Key guidance for Obama to improve results and perception of his second Presidency:
  • Obama needs to be more flexible; alllow fresh ideas and fresh energy to come in.
  • Get rid of dodgy or ineffective advisors. Again, welcome fresh and youthful energy.
  • Do whatever it takes to create jobs.

21 Jun 2012

[Headline: Will Romney be a Good President?]

Q: IF Mitt Romney wins, will he prove to be a good President for the people of USA?   His impact on the rest of the world is not part of this tarot reading.

(Disclaimer: The author has no direct stake in the US Presidential elections)

The Republicans will agree with this reading. The Democrats will not, but hopefully they can take comfort from the fact that it is a win-win situation for them (If Obama wins, it's a win. If the economy turns around, it is a win for everyone).  Also, this blog has deliberately not made an outright forecast of the election result, though guidance for course correction has been issued for Obama in an earlier reading: "Will Obama Win?". 

The Tarot Reading:

This is a very vibrant reading, with literally little indication of setbacks for Romney. IF Mitt Romney becomes the next President, he will change the fortunes of USA. That is his karmic responsibility.

Romney will come in as the wise man, his wisdom and fresh perspective allowing him to take charge of the economy and bringing the flow of prosperity to the people.

However, he will not get off to a flying start, as he will avoid acting in haste just to create a false impression. Therefore, initially it may appear to people that resources or opportunities are being wasted, that there is a lack of stability on multiple fronts, and that there isn't much forward movement, particularly in the economy.

The balance will be achieved gradually. The reversal will start and the depression will end.

With prosperity and jobs, people will come to realize that he is suited for that job. People will definitely be happier.

Overall, Romney will feel and act like a king. He will bring a welcome fresh perspective to the table. It is a tough job, and he will stick around and do it.

17 Jun 2012

[Headline: Will India's New FM Deliver?]

Q: If Pranab Mukherjee, the current FM,  takes over as the next President of India, how will the new Finance Minister perform?

It seems that the decision of who would be the next FM has been taken, though it may not yet be in the public domain.

The incoming FM (even if he has previously been the FM or a senior official) would approach the job as a new one, a fresh start: he will take some time to assess the situation and tread cautiously. So initially, it may appear that he's not doing anything at all, as people would expect the FM to come in, brandish his sword and immediately take control of the economy. But these are troubled times, and need some deeper contemplation.

The FM will start taking decisions, initiate action and attempt to assume control. But in the early days he will not receive cooperation from his own party members or the allies because of doubts about his way of thinking. That phase will pass.

For the FM, this job will be like a battle, but he will have the stomach for a fight. He will have the strength and courage to undo wrong decisions of the past and follow through on his own decisions and ideas. Whatever the situation, he will find a way out.

In the longer run, hard work will pay off in overcoming obstacles. He will be successful at improving the economy. Improved results will start showing from 2-3 months onwards.

13 Jun 2012

[Headline: S&P Threatens India]

Q. (a). Will India's rating be downgraded to junk status anytime soon as per Standard & Poor's threat?
(b). Will The Indian currency continue to weaken, and for how long?

(a). S&P's threat

Although, at the moment, the threat of a downgrade to junk status by S&P looks genuine and ominous, India's response will be to junk the threat itself. India will instead focus, for its own benefit, on how to wriggle out of this embarassing situation.

Nobody accepts the rationale for the revision, but the threat has woken up the people who matter. They will do everything in their power to prevent the downgrade from becoming a reality. What has happened, has happened, so they will focus on the path ahead.

It will be a real uphill task, but hard work and this timely warning will pay off eventually. There seems to be buoyancy, jobs and prosperity ahead. Help will be forthcoming from banks and business houses.

India will maintain its stable investment outlook. 

(b). Will the Rupee continue to slide lower?

Right now it may seem that the Rupee is in a free fall. It has jolted the government and officials into action. Hard to believe, but it appears that they are seriously thinking about what needs to be done to create balanced conditions for business and prosperity. They will probably adopt a conservative or tried-and tested approach. It will take at least 2 months for the Rupee to stabilise.

11 Jun 2012

[Headline: Will Obama Win?]

Q. At the rate and the direction in which Obama's campaign is headed, is there any chance of his winning the election?

This Tarot reading is a followup on an earlier done on 19 May, titled "Barack Obama - Can he be Emperor again?" The objective is to check, a little sympathetically, if Barack Obama's campaign is back on the winning track. Earlier on, it wasn't.

Evidently, Mr. Obama hasn't been listening to the public, his wellwishers, and, unsurprisingly, to this blog. Naturally, his campaign and his election prospects, are still headed in the same direction - NOWHERE (said a little unsympathetically).

The Tarot Cards reveal that nothing is happening right now! Obama has neither found any solution nor has any plans to address the economic woes, which makes him extremely unpopular with the masses. In the people's perception, he has failed to display the strengths they thought he had. Simply stated, people feel betrayed.

His image of a peacemaker has probably boomeranged on him. He is being too soft for their liking, and is not coming across as strong enough.

Obama has to change the campaign to leverage his own strengths. He will do well to remember how he won the last time? Who was in charge then?

Again, as if to emphasize, the Tarot Cards urge Obama to rally the women power at his disposal. But women are not to be taken for granted or to be patronised. What role can and should Hillary Clinton play? It is time to restore burnt bridges on a war footing.

Of those around him, the businessmen and the intelligentsia can help Obama understand why it seems nothing is working. He must listen to them.

Obama should stop playing the fool, and start working towards breathing fresh life and energy into the campaign. He has to give people what they want to bring balance & joy in their lives, whatever his methods.

Obama and his team will come up with breakthrough ideas later on, but if they follow the current trajectory, the efforts will be half-hearted and the outcome, pathetic. But if, and only if, they follow through completely with total commitment, can the situation be turned around.


7 Jun 2012

[Headline: Will Narendra Modi be the PM of India?]

Q: (A) Will Narendra Modi of Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP), currently the Chief Minister of Gujarat, become the Prime Minister of India? What is the guidance for him?
(B) If he does become the PM, what can Indians expect from him?

*** // Disclaimer: The author of this tarot blog is neither a member nor a supporter of any political party in India, including the BJP and the ruling Congress //***

The Tarot Cards Reading:

(A). Can he become the PM?

One thing that favours Narendra Modi is the environment or the situation right now. It is perfect: the competition is weak, there is no other strong PM candidate and so, there is a chance for him.

However, he is stuck because of what he has been held responsible for, rightly or wrongly.

He is not receiving cooperation from anywhere, for a variety of reasons. Nothing too is happening for him right now, and nothing will until he makes a peace offering. He has to put his demons to rest, because they are harmful to his progress.

Currently people are not accepting him because of his thought process, which is probably linked to past events. If he can change his thought process, then acceptance will flow.

How can Narendra Modi achieve this? He has to make himself peaceful, go within, meditate, and focus on his priorities. Making peace with the people will bring about positive change. He must open his heart to love and be kind to all. He must be seen to dispense justice and be fair. He CAN do it.

In his mind, Modi knows it is a difficult task, and unless he is able to see the others' point of view and bring joy to their existence, it cannot be achieved.

Right now Narendra Modi is not doing what he should if he wants to be the Prime Minister. He has to heal the wounds irrespective of whether he caused them or not. Make peace and remove all negativity to bring about positive change. Else, there is a strong possibility that he will keep waiting.

Special Guidance for Modi: It may be worthwhile to come out in the open and accept responsibility for past errors. It is not about pinning blame but closure. Once that is done, then start working towards taking appropriate corrective action.  Focus on your strengths, which are numerous.

For Narendra Modi now, it is not about numbers (voters), but clearing the energy block in his path.

It appears that only if he manages to bring about healing, will the path to the top job open up for him.

(B) If he does become the Prime Minister, what can Indians expect from him?

Conditional to Narendra Modi becoming the PM, is his ability to make peace and bring healing.

IF he does become the PM, he will prove to be the right choice for India. He will appear to be like a guide or teacher for India.

It will be a bit difficult initially for some people to accept him so cooperation would be low, but help will be at hand to help heal the relationships. Ultimately, acceptance will come. 

His problem will be of lack of trust, but that can be overcome through communication. He should remember the spiritual law of attraction, that only by giving trust can he attract trust for himself.

With Narendra Modi as PM, law and order will be good. He will govern well, and with kindness. That is his strength.

However, sometimes his ego will hinder his work. In order to win in certain situations, he might try to use excessive force, but it seems that would be against tougher challenges.

Under Modi the PM, India will undergo a regeneration. He will give India a new, clean, pure start. He will have the strength and will to fight India's problems. For the nation, he will prove to be a blessing and will help heal the country.

Mentally, Narendra Modi will feel strong, and be aware that he has to choose his priorities correctly. He knows that he can do it.

Overall, as a Prime Minister, Narendra Modi will be powerful, fair and clear-headed. He will bring balance in all aspects of governance. India will be prosperous with him in charge.

BUT, only if he works towards it in the right manner can he become the PM, which at the moment, he doesn't seem to be doing.

5 Jun 2012

[Headline: Team Prospects in Euro 2012]

Q: How are the teams expected to perform in Euro 2012? Should there be any concerns about safety of players and fans?

Here is a very quick look at how some teams will fare.

It appears that....
  • France & Italy may disappoint.
  • Germany will need to push much harder to cross the first round.
  • Greece will spring a surprise.
  • Netherlands seems to be in command.
  • England & Russia will do well if they cross the first barrier.
  • Poland, Sweden, Ukraine, Croatia, Spain  Portugal are likely to cross the first round. But apart from Poland, it will be a challenge for the other five to make further progress.

On the safety & security front, there does not seem to be anything to worry about. The tournament will go off peacefully. This tournament is a top priority for Ukraine and they will work hard for success. They will be in complete charge and will ensure the event is managed well with all safety and security measures in place.

[Headline: Will Gambhir Become Indian Cricket Captain?]

Q: Will Gautam Gambhir become India's cricket captain for the Test match format? 

// (Disclaimer: This reading is not to judge the character of people involved, but is a statement of how the Tarot Cards revealed the interplay of subtle energies & thoughts in this situation) //

Being the cricket captain in India is not just about cricket, but also popularity, endorsements, huge money, glamour, relationships, power and a piece of history.

It is a very difficult task for Gambhir to become the Test captain, but not impossible.  The incumbent wouldn't want to let go of it easily because a lot is at stake and giving up captaincy would mean the end of many things.

What Gambhir wants may not happen and the help he needs will not come. There are ego issues involved and Gambhir may not find favour with people that matter. Some talk about Gambhir's captaincy might happen, but key people will not accept it because they feel it would lead to a decline in prosperity.

Mentally, Gambhir knows this will create a conflict situation. He understands the commercial compulsions and what is at stake for the others. He is also aware that he might have to give up and walk away, rather than undertake to remove all of the obstacles in his path.

At the moment nothing has been decided so there is still a chance for Gambhir. But even then, it might not happen! From the reading, it seems that Gautam Gambhir has lost out being the captain in the past too.

The guidance for Gambhir is to seize the opportunity. Take charge and try to make it happen. This is the time, as they say, to strike. The current situation is a blessing for him (Gambhir has impressed everyone with his captaincy in the IPL). He can work his magic because he has that magic right now.

If Gambhir wants the captaincy, he must go for it now, without being overly aggressive. He should try to communicate with the powers that be, without getting sucked into the drama and the politics. Stay focused.

At this time, Gambhir is of the same stature & potential as the incumbent, and therefore, a credible option to replace him. Gambhir's drawback is his lack of popularity. And because he has become a viable alternative, the incumbent will be more alert now and is likely to take appropriate measures to protect his position.

If Gambhir can manage to pull this off, it will happen between 3 months and 2 years from now.

1 Jun 2012

[Guidance & Forecast for Happiness in June 2012]

Guidance for You: All through June 2012

There are bound to be challenges during the month that will test you to the limit. You may want to give up, but stick around to overcome those challenges. The wait is over. Circumstances will appear to improve.

You may feel trapped by circumstances, and it may appear to you that you are going through an unending period of bad luck. Patience, and not panic, will help. A slightly modified version of Dumbledore's advice to Harry Potter will apply: "Help is available to those who know where to look for it."

Do not let false pride stand in the way of seeking help when you need it. Be sensible and ask for help.

Avoid being impetuous, and try not to unnecessarily get into trouble. Honesty will be the best policy. So be very careful about being dishonest and doing anything wrong or illegal, especially with respect to improving your finances or property matters.

Consciously make the right choices, and you will meet with success.

Financial problems will begin to heal during this period.

Nostalgia is in the air. Old friends may suddenly reappear and bring you happiness.

It is a good time for women and children. They will encounter or undertake new beginnings.

If you have recently been feeling low and lacking confidence, and wish to quit your present situation, DON'T.  Hang around, for this too shall pass, and your talent and abilities will bring you new opportunities for success and honour.

Special Guidance for Women:
It is not the time to be self-centred. Loyalty (particularly to partner) is a virtue to remember. Be conscious of not creating any problems within the family, either because of jealousy, malice, prudishness or inflexibility.

Be wise and assess a situation well before reacting to it. Don't create unnecessary stress in your environment.

General Guidance for Healing & Happiness:
Purify your thoughts and actions, and attenpt to bring about a positive change in your outlook towards life.  Creative people should give expression to their creativity and believe in themselves that they can do it.

Follow your heart wherever it may lead you (but within permissible legal limits).

31 May 2012

[Headline: Syria. Who Will Fire the First Shot?]

Q: What is the underlying thought process of the main players in the Syrian situation and what are they likely to do? 


It seems that the Syrian regime is thinking of listening to their well-wishers. They know that their current actions may turn out to be self-destructive to their preferred way of life. They are not pleased about the international pressure. They want and plan to hold on to power as long as possible. 

It is likely they may agree to some extent to the UN plan, but not completely. They will try buy some temporary peace and stability, and stop the bloodshed. After a while, they may go back to their old ways, making choices that serve their self-interest, and not anyone else's.

Essentially, Syria would make only superficial gestures. The core attitude remains unchanged.

No war.

USA & Allies:

They feel it is not the right time to engage in a conflict. At the moment no one can afford to enter into war. They are thinking of their own priorities at home, especially the economy, and their citizens too would not approve of this wastage.

The decision has been taken not to do anything. Apart from timing, they also think they are unprepared and are not confident they will be able to pull if off. But they actually can succeed. They are not inclined to take unnecessary risks at this point in time.

The collective wisdom is against military action. There is no support for it. Instead, they will prefer to work through the UN.  The attitude is to wait & watch, and hope that all will be fine.

No war.

Russia & Other Syrian Sympathisers:

The main players are getting quite frustrated with the situation. Whatever they are trying to communicate about solving the problem, is not getting through.

They want to continue their past relationship with Syria, but also do not want to jeopardise relations with nations on the other side.

Right now they are unsure /confused about the course of action. They would like to assess the situation before taking any action. Whatever it is, they will follow the law. They want to do the right thing, but also will use this opportunity to re-establish their power & influence in the world.

They are likely to find a way out of this, and bring the situation under control. It seems they will pressurise Syria to accept the UN offer.

No war.

Overall scenario: USA & allies will hold back and hope for UN to succeed. Russia & others are confused but will bring balance in the right way. Syria will buy peace with temporary abstinence from bloodshed. It does not appear that there will be a military conflict in the near future.

30 May 2012

[Headline: Will Euro 2012 be disrupted? Plus team outlook!]

Q: Will Euro 2012 championship being hosted by Poland & Ukraine go off peacefully, in light of the threat of boycott by some nations due to political actions by Ukraine? Plus, a quick look at prospects of teams.

The tournament will go off peacefully.

Even though there is self-doubt, but good relationships, friends and allies will ensure there is no disruption. This tournament is a top priority for Ukraine and they will work hard for success. They will be in complete charge and will ensure the event is managed well with all safety and security measures in place.

* * * * *

On a lighter note, a very quick look at the prospects of some teams. Still early days, and it is challenging to predict when you're dealing with an unpredictable force - the passion and energy of fans and players. As usual, we will stick this blog's neck out, but only a bit.

It appears that....
  • France & Italy may disappoint.
  • Germany will need to push much harder to cross the first round.
  • Greece will spring a surprise.
  • Netherlands seems to be in command.
  • England & Russia will do well if they cross the first barrier.
  • Poland, Sweden, Ukraine, Croatia, Spain  Portugal are likely to cross the first round. But apart from Poland, it will be a challenge for the other five to make further progress.

27 May 2012

[Headline: The World in One Year - Glimmer or more Gloom?]

Q. What is the Tarot forecast for the world in general for the next one year (from now)? What will be the major focus of attention?

Thankfully, the economy, and not wars, will dominate the world in the next one year. It is not going to be a very dramatic year.

The world economy is spinning out of control, but now it seems the nations will approach the problem it in a different, a slightly more compassionate manner. Fresh bonds will be formed between people and countries, and the path of getting out of the mess will be cooperation, harmony and looking at the larger good.

At one level the correction is already happening. The wait is over. Wisdom & understanding will present the right solutions. In time, the world will move on.

Help is on its way. The wealthier nations will overlook differences and work together to put the economies back on track. 

There will be some small conflicts or civil unrest around the world, which could involve nations or the youth. There does not seems to be any major war between nations in the next 12 months.

Nations and the youth are on edge. The youth need to be guided during the period, lest their energy flows in the wrong direction.

Final Outcome:
In a year from now, the overall world economy will take a turn for the better. People will feel better & hopeful. There will be health and healing in the economy.

Advice to people:
Work towards self-healing and creating a positive environment for hope, harmony and healing.

For Healing Guidance, refer to blog posting of 16th May, or use the link below:

25 May 2012

[Headline: Who will be Liverpool's next Manager?]

This reading was requested by Andy W. (Location: Unknown)

Q. Who will be the next manager of Liverpool - Martinez or Rodgers?

First a disclaimer: It can be difficult to pin point an exact outcome because discussions are on during which new efforts or energy comes into play. New candidates can also be approached. Tarot offers guidance towards outcomes. Outcomes depend on energy and free will. If guidance for change is followed, outcomes can be modified.

So we have rephrased the question, and included some candidates that found a mention in the press.

Revised Q: What is the likely thought processes and behind-the-scenes happenings with respect to the major candidates?

Option 1: Roberto Martinez

It appears that Liverpool think that the wait is over, that they have found their Manager in Martinez. However, Martinez is still giving it a thought. He has other options on his mind too.

If Martinez doesn't accept the job, it will most likely be because of monetary considerations. The offer is currently not what he likes. So the club should stretch some more to make an acceptable offer.

Deep down, there could also be some bit of nostalgia factor diverting his attention - his old club, or maybe even a club that he followed as a youngster.

Option 2: Brendan Rodgers

As a manager, he seems a very strong contender. But there is also a feeling of a lack of completion regarding him - not fully prepared, not good enough, or that this is not for him.

He did not accept the initial offer, and there is some cleverness behind that refusal. Maybe money matters, but whatever it is, it is not being revealed. There is confusion about his gameplan.

No decision is being taken regarding him yet. Cards are being held close to the chest. He is a mystery right now and could turn out to be a surprise package.

Option 3: Rafa Benitez

He is not the first choice. There are some drawbacks to his candidacy; he is not 100% there.  There has been some public opinion that Benitez may be a step back for the club.

This channel is still open; communication is on. There is some confusion about him.

If Benitez can use the open communication channels to convert the thinking in his favour, he has a chance. He needs to put forward new ideas, new energy and pure thinking to remove the confusion about him.

Option 4: Andre Villas-Boas

Villas-Boas might have been an option in the past, but they're not making him an offer right now. There's no communication with him. It probably will not work as a happy unit. He might have a tough time at the club or maybe the players will not gel with him.

Option 5: Any Other Candidate

There is no other probable candidate right now.

(The authour is not a football expert or scout. The special disclaimer as for the Blackburn Rovers reading applies here too, except that in this case, one member of the author's household claims to be a Liverpool fan)

22 May 2012

[Headline: Does Arsenal really want to win the EPL again?]

Q: What will it take for Arsenal to win the EPL next season? What is the guidance for the club?

The choice for Arsenal is clear this season. They have to take some positive steps or face DISASTER.

There is a very strong likelihood of Arsenal carrying on as before, which will of course, lead to disaster this time.

Arsenal has the money. The owners and manager have to trust the team and use the money for some must-do items this time. If they refuse to spend, player and fan morale will sink, and quite likely some key players will move to improve their prospects, leaving the team in shambles. So try to give the players peace of mind.

The management have a choice to make - disaster, or make it work into something great. It is in their hands. 

First, they have to hire at least one player of the same level as Robin van Persie. To keep Robin interested, they have to get a partner who will complement him. If van Persie stays, the team will go far.

Arsenal has to focus on their own strengths. They know how to play their game. They are already doing it.

Wenger has to really lead the team to prosperity. To do that he would have to shed some of his stubbornness. Listen to the fans, and also go within himself and listen to his heart. Then he will see the situation clearly, understand what is needed, and can follow his heart to bring about the positive changes. Mentally, Wenger has some conflict about the course of action.

Overall, the club (owners and manager) have to decide whether they want their best player and others to leave or, they want the rule the world. Disaster or Victory?

Special Guidance for Wenger:

- Arsenal is lucky to end up even in third position. Find the blessings in the current situation.
- Get your priorities right. Do you want to win or not? Buy some good players.
- Have faith. Arsenal can do it with some positive changes. 

21 May 2012

[Mitt Romney - Is he Obama's Bane?]

Q. At this point of time, what is the Tarot's guidance for Mitt Romney to succeed in winning the Presidential election?

The task before Romney is to free people from the bondage of stress, particularly economic. He has to let people know that he can do it quickly, but he also has to let them know HOW he's going to do it.  This will show that he is a man in control, and will help make people feel complete in their lives.

Concentrate on the youth. Women are already with Romney, but the crowning glory for him would be the youth. (For both the contenders, youth & women are important). The youth are feeling lost; they typically want everything happening for them, and that too right now.

One category of youth is also the young professionals. Their priority is progress and the flow of prosperity. Communicate with them, through whatever means, about how he (Romney) will help them with their progress & flow of prosperity.

There is a hitch in the campaign right now. There is hesitation and no free flow of energy, ideas etc. They are ignoring certain things, like not looking at the situation and dealing with issues. So the guidance is to be free flowing in the campaign.

Bring new thoughts and ideas into the campaign. Do not get into a war of words with Obama. Do your own thing.

Romney has to open his heart to love (that is also a free flowing energy he needs).

In his mind, he feels in control, and he has to maintain that control, but he has to let people know how he will the economy right. Take charge of the economy.

In these uncertain times, it seems people at large are concerned about their children's future. What can Romney do about this? He has to persistently pursue the task of making families feel happy.

On a mental level, it seems Romney is not revealing everything about his plans or methods. Probably there is some fear that appearing over-smart could be self-destructive.

Romney must attempt to see the other's point of view, get into the other's psyche, including Obama's and the women voters.

He can make great strides with the women; he just has to give it his all. Make the right decisions about women's prosperity, health and help them deal with their insecurity. What he's doing right is talking smartly with women, without patronising them.

It seems he is holding himself back a bit. He must come out in the open, with his full potential. Trust himself and trust women.

Special Guidance for Romney:

- Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water (not colas).
- Educate people about how the economy will be back on track.
- Work your magic. Show it. Trust yorself.

19 May 2012

[Headline: Barack Obama - Can he be Emperor again?]

Q: Based on likely outcome (predicted by the Tarot) at this point of time, what is the guidance for Obama for success in the elections?

The outlook isn't bright and sunny, but then the world itself isn't bright and sunny nowadays.

As of now, Obama is not receiving the help he needs; it doesn't appear to the people that he has any control over the economy. In fact, the economy is the cause of his current and possibly continuing grief.

One reason for Obama's troubles could be his failure to foresee and see the consequences of his decisions. But still, what he needs to do is to focus on his strengths, and to trust himself. The cards urge him to use conventional methods.

In the last election and his early days, Obama brought hope to the people and confidence in the economy. He must remember that he has done it before, and he can do it again.

But first he must assess the situation (and he is able to do it accurately), and look at new ideas and new people that come in. Take charge of the situation, and not just on the domestic front. Creating jobs and holding on to jobs is important at this juncture.

It seems the youth are losing patience with Obama's administration. He should move quickly to make his peace with them. Youth need jobs and prosperity. Women too are critical. They need jobs and want to be able to run their homes better. Purify the intentions, like in healthcare. 

In the midst of all this, Obama seems to be part of some drama in which the players pull the other one down. But he must detach himself from that and focus on the real stuff. Look at his priorities. Bring stability.

The environment isn't conducive to being productive, but he must have faith that he can do it. Convey that faith / trust to the people.

A key guidance is for Obama to take the help of women in his team or around him. Probably Michelle. Even more so Hillary Clinton whose advice and action can be valuable.

Mentally, Obama's team feel that they are not doing enough in the campaign, and have made some wrong decisions. Probably a key advisor didn't deliver. So keep the door open for fresh blood.

Currently there seems to be no love lost between Obama and the public, and could get worse if he continues as before. To improve his chances this guidance shows him the path: Trust. Take charge. Women. Youth. Economy.

16 May 2012

[Healing Guidance for You: 16-31 May 2012]

While the blog attempts to understand the subtle, invisible energies underlying everyday situations, in the world it is people who make up those situations. To heal a situation, people must heal; to heal the people, individuals must heal. Therefore, any change starts with a single person - You.

The Healing Guidance will be published based on guidance received from the cards, and will be specific for the next fortnight. You may go deeper into what it means for you personally, but do try to apply this guidance in every situation in your life, even if it doesn't seems normal.

Of course, that does not mean you abandon all common sense and sound reasoning in life's transactions.

Healing Guidance for You: 16-31 May 2012

First, introspect and meditate. Clearly think what is truly important for you in your life; challenge yourself about what is necessary and what is excess. Create a balance in your life, especially between work and home, everyday.  Keep aside personal time to meditate daily, even if it is 5-10 minutes in the beginning.

This is also the time to give priority to your health. The external environment is exerting enormous physical, mental & emotional stress. Check within for signs of wear & tear. If your work is creating stress, ask yourself if you can back away from those transaction without loss, or find techniques to block that stress. Deep breathing. Meditation. Release the accumulated tension by writing about it to yourself. Be with happy, positive people.

Be a happy, positive person yourself, whatever the situation. If it is happening to you, there must a a reason, something to learn. Don't cry about it. Make your peace with your circumstances. Don't look to others, the government, the leaders for help. Find every solution by turning your concentration inwards (Meditation).

15 May 2012

[Headline: Greece - Exit Scenario?]

Q: Will Greece remain in the European Union?

Whatever be the political situation in Greece in the near future, the good news from the Tarot is that in their time of need, they are going to receive further help. Things will move fast and they will keep receiving help.

Greece continue to be in trouble because they have not been able to fight the problem. So something like a fresh start is about to happen. Greece will take a risk and that risk will pay off. They will come out of this death-like situation with a plan, be clear headed and make the right choices.

Initially, the feeling will be that success is eluding them, but they will ultimately get up and get going. Their actions will seem to be backed with wisdom. They will receive outside help in this healing process. Inspite of the general despair on the surface, the state of mind for the future looks positive.

The Greeks are not going anywhere. They will stay in the euro zone. They will make it work.

It seems that the fresh start towards rebuilding will begin within 2 months, and the process will take up to 1 year to show some signs of a turnaround.

(Disclaimer: This forecast is not based on any known economic theory or model. The author has no training in economics, finance, business, law or politics)

13 May 2012

[Headline: Blackburn Rovers FC - Is it the End?]

Q: What is the guidance for Blackburn Rovers' future under its current owners, Venky's?

The Tarot urges the club & the fans to work with what they have and where they are. What has happened has happened. They must find ways for it to work and make decisions that matter. They must keep the team together, and also try to plug the weaknesses. A female energy is available to help.

Obviously, things have not worked well. For the owners, this is a new business and what they really need now is a dynamic man to run the club, one who is quick, intelligent, focused, and doesn't like wasting time or effort. He goes for what he wants, but in the right manner. The club might need to hire such a person, if he is not currently in the setup.

In the past, success has eluded the club, but not for lack of trying. Things are not in place, but what needs to be done can be done. The club has the means and so they may have to buy / hire what they need. Some fresh start is about to happen.

The environment and mental state is one of negativity, and people are holding on to that negativity. It is time to move on beyond the past.

However, good times are not waiting just around the corner. The difficult situation will persist in the intermediate term, and consistent hard work must be put in for the situation to improve, which it ultimately will. A female energy (likely a woman executive) will be useful, but she will need cooperation from others, and of course, without ego clashes. She might help bring in the money. The path to improvement and success for Blackburn Rovers is conventional, standard formula - hard work, doing the basics right, fan support etc - and there is no need to be over-ambitious. Some financial infusion will be needed.

The road ahead is tough. Good improvement will be visible in about 4 years.

Further guidance for success from The Ascended Masters:

Should Venky's sell the club?
Venkys should definitely not sell, even though they might want to sell (due to poor support & respect for them).  If someone can improve the club's fortunes, one of them is Venkys. Venkys and the Club are actually suited for each other!

What should Venky's do?
Venkys should work their magic. They are successful businessmen and there is no reason for them to fail, even if this is a new business model. How to do it? By staying focused on the objective and bringing the money to the table, for indispensable items.

What should the team do?
First they must believe that they can do it. They need to continue working hard, but importantly to focus on their strength. BR's guidance for strength is to play fluid, flowing football or total football.

What should the fans do?
Have patience. They have to look at the positives in the current situation with Venky's as owners. They must stop being negative and continue to play their role - to support their team.

(Disclaimer for this blog: The author is as clueless about the football business as the club's owners, but the author's family has fans of three clubs, none of which is Blackburn Rovers)

11 May 2012

[Headline: China vs Philippines - showdown or no show?]

Q: This tarot reading is about the outlook for peace over the next 9-12 months in the South China Sea region, especially with regard to China & Philippines.

This tarot reading is not so much concerned about the legality of the issue as to whether there will be armed conflict in the region.

Currently both China and Philippines are locked into their positions with neither side willing to give in.

Efforts will be made by third parties to broker a truce and resume cooperation. This might work for a while but it is likely that some careless action or statements will again disturb the balance.

The situation in the region is tense and will continue to be tense for the next 9-12 months also. However, it is highly unlikely to escalate into full-fledged military action or war in this period. 

Understanding the role of some countries in this situation:

CHINA: Will continue to stick to their stance. They will not be willing to see the other's point of view.

PHILIPPINES: They are agitated currently. Later they would like to work it out but would be confused about how to do it.

USA: They will try to find innovative ways to defuse the situation because they want a good relationship with all countries, and they are working towards improving relations with China.

TAIWAN: Not involved in this standoff, but have an interest in what happens. They might spring a surprise.

INDIA: Will work to try and improve the situation.  

(Note: The tarot reading will be repeated if more players become active or assertive in the South China Sea dispute, to account for their energy involvement)

9 May 2012

[Headline: Will Air India manage a turnaround?]

INTRO: This reading has been done in light of the public anger over the huge bailout package announced by the Indian government for an organizaation that refuses to budge. Recently, just after the bailout, the pilots on the international route threw a tantrum (went on a flash strike) just to bar their domestic-route colleagues from being trained on the Boeing-787 Dreamliner.

Question: Will the US$ 8 billion bailout with tax-payers' money help in turning around the public sector Air India?

Tarot Reading:

The process of seeing this situation in a new light is beginning. The effort by the government is to try and make it work this time. There is no other choice.

Some hard (maybe harsh) decisions have to be taken and some sacrifices have to be made. Employees will not like that, and will respond with aggression, but that does not matter anymore because there is no alternative. The employees will not accept unless the terms are favourable to them, and they are unlikely to accept the terms.

Some people will try to talk sense to others but ineffectively. Many may want to leave the organisation and they will be given options.

The government has been waiting for the turnaround which didn't happen because of wrong decisions and wasted resources. Now the government wants it to work.

The current environment is a feeling of being stuck, of not being mentally confident, and not knowing how to get out of the situation. Employees are unhappy, especially the younger lot (around 20-40 yr olds)

This is the time they will reassess the situation and, in a way, start afresh with clear thinking, new people and new ideas. Confusion will be put aside. Some new work will start.  The key factors at play will be communication, cooperation and professionalism (maybe some highly talented people getting hired)

However dismal the situation looks, the government can make the airline turn around. It is likely some dynamic energy will make an entry. There is a definite chance of revival, if this guidance (for owners and employees) is considered:

- Willingness to make sacrifices, and sticking with tough decisions
- Welcoming fresh energy and fresh perspective

The change process will begin in a few weeks and last a few years. It  may turn out be a tough but magical journey.

5 May 2012

[Headline: Is Anna's crusade against corruption on track?]

Q: Will the anti-corruption movement in India, led by social activist Mr. Anna Hazare, be successful?

INTRO: In 2011, Anna Hazare led a popular non-violent movement against corruption, mobilising support across all sections of people in India and abroad. Since then, members of his team have invited controversy (which could have been the work of adversaries) and continue to issue embarassing statements (using their own skills).

It is time now to see where this crusade is headed. The Tarot Cards reveal the play of energy in this campaign, and provide guidance on the best approach for success. For the record, the tarot reader whole-heartedly endorses this and any campaign against coruption!

* * * * * * *  The Tarot reading now ...

Central to the campaign's problems is the internal rift, disagreements, and squabbling in the group. This is a self-destructive path. Some people want quick results; some are clear-sighted about the goal and methods; and then there are some whose decisions can be suicidal for the campaign.

Anna's heart is in the right place. He means well and he is leading from the front. However, there could be issues with control and power. There is a fear of the campaign becoming intolerant. They may demand perfection and compliance, but how?  This attitude does not encourage independence of action in others and alienates the public.

This campaign is not getting what it wants because of lack of cooperation, even from the public. The approach lacks a sense of balance, and things seem to be spinning out of control. The campaign is also not moving forward because some people are stubbornly holding on to their beliefs, and are not welcoming new thoughts/ideas or people. It is time for the team to assess the situation.

This campaign needs a bit of kindness, softness and openness. The strict & stubborn approach is not working.

A key influencing factor that has come up is: CHILDREN

The Cards indicate that the campaign must include children in its vision, however long-term or slow a process that seems. Children must be educated against corruption, and taught with kindness (as opposed to a militant approach, which will not bring about permanent change). This campaign's role is to heal the entire body, not to cut off the diseased limb.

Children also represent the 'soft' sustaining power that this campaign lacks now. And they will bring new ideas, new life to the campaign.

To get this campaign back on track, the leaders need to assess the situation and be practical and sensible. Above all, they must be seen to act in a pure, progressive manner, with a spiritual slant. They must be fair and choose the right path, which also means that it is important to follow the rules, regulations and 'dharma' of the land in pursuing the objective.

Likely Outcome:
There will be some change in favour of the campaign, but successes would be small and sporadic. The much anticipated big success (overall objective) will have to wait, till some fundamental changes are made, such as:

- allowing entry of new ideas and people (with children as core theme)
- being fair and following the right path (working within the law)
- working with kindness and healing approach.

2 May 2012

[Clinton's Visit & Future of US-China Relations]

Q: How will US and China's relationship move forward after Hillary Clinton's visit to China, with so many irksome issues on the table?

This is how the Tarot Cards read the situation currently:

Both sides are under mental stress at the prospect of what lies ahead. There are some concerns that the relationship would regress, and there may be some aggressive posturing. Therefore, both sides will proceed with caution, with the intention of holding on to their defensive positions.

After the initial hesitation, US and China will open up and the atmosphere will change. Progress will not be as tough as they expected. Both will sit down and assess the situation, and do it well, with a level-headed understanding of the long term implications of their decisions.

Some prickly issues are part of the agenda, and either the US or both sides will consider walking away from the issue (not out of weakness but mutual benefit) rather than disturb the peace. Hillary Clinton will come up with a top rate performance.

Neither side will try and take advantage of any situation, and not play the bully! A feeling of fairness will prevail. Hurdles to improving business relations will be dealt with.

Eventually, the cooperation and willingness to trust will lead to a very good relationship between the US & China. 


1 May 2012

[Headline: Will African forces apprehend Joseph Kony?]

Q: Will Joseph Kony, a self-proclaimed prophet and commander of the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA), be neutralised by the security forces in central Africa?

Kony is stuck in a situation of pursuing a self-destructive path.  

Justice will be done. There will be many hurdles on the path for security forces, and it is not going to be easy.

A couple of factors will bring about his downfall. First, the security forces will use much more sophisticated techniques or technology to get to him. Second, the forces will receive cooperation from former associates of Kony and they will provide new leads or important information.

28 Apr 2012

[Headline: Economic future of Spain & Europe]

Q: How will Spain's economy impact Europe and what is the future outlook for Eurozone?

Spain's economy is in the process of totally falling apart. Everything is out of control; they are not making the right decisions or choices. The downward fall will continue, and whatever they try, will not work. They need to look at the situation as it is and have/explore new perspectives.

Spains' troubles will cause depression, confusion and extreme stress in the Eurozone. Businesses will fail; progress will stall.

After the collapse, would be a fresh beginning. And it is not very far off.

The revival will start 9 months from now. Probably, somewhere the process has already begun; some ideas are taking shape. Behind the revival would be a young person (an economist, politician, businessman...?) with new ideas, a new way of thinking or a new plan/idea.

Europe will accept the new ideas.  Countries will work together with calmness and cooperation, and without ego clashes. Probably the richer countries will loosen the purse strings. Working together will lead to joy for all.

Karmically, the revival has to happen, and Europe will be back to prosperous times.

27 Apr 2012

[Headline: Is Iran a nuclear threat?]

Q: Does Iran pose a genuine nuclear threat to countries in the region?

The Tarot reading (from the Iranian point of view) indicates that Iran is not a nuclear threat to anyone, in the near future.

Iran will be sensible and make the right decisions. Iran is stressed because of the sanctions, and would like to protect its economy. Any more countries imposing sanctions would be a huge blow.

What Iran expects is for other countries to be more cooperative and to assess the situation correctly.

Iran will act with restraint. Everyone wants stability in the region.

26 Apr 2012

[Headline: Outcome of Infosys USA's legal troubles]

Q: What is the future for Infosys USA, and its legal troubles regarding allegations of wrongdoing?

News about Infosys USA hasn't been cheerful of late. They are under investigations for misusing visas and related issues.

Obviously, things are not going for Infosys the way it wants. Progress is stalled, and it seems to be going backwards. Wrong decisions have been made in the past. There's stress, confusion and corporate anxiety.

Infosys needn't worry about the fairness of the trial. Justice will be done, it just won't go in its favour. It is a situation it will find difficult to escape. Whatever help it receives may not be enough. There will be great financial loss.

Only some very radical out-of-the-box thinking can get Infosys out of this situation.

In the future, Infosys will have great problems with its young professionals, probably getting visas etc.

25 Apr 2012

[Headline: Abdul Kalam for President]

Will Abdul Kalam again be the President of India?

Abdul Kalam was a popular and widely loved President, but he was denied a second term. Everyone knows he's progressive and he will be good for India.

Most people want him back for a second term or would not mind him as President again, but some key people with ego issues will let not let go of control, or change their opposing stance.

Therefore, the suggestion would be killed at the initial stages, and he will not even be a contender.

If the business lobby has a say, they will back Abdul Kalam to the extent possible.

Karmically, this event is not possible. Maybe, that is India's fate.

24 Apr 2012

[Headline: 'Troops withdrawal from Siachen if India agrees']

Ref: Pak President Zardari's comment of both India & Pakistan pulling out of Siachen jointly as an option (made in reference to Pakistani soldiers killed in an avalanche in the region).

Considering the hostile terrain and the extreme conditions under which soldiers have to defend the borders (for example the loss of lives in the avalanche and also the long terms effects of such conditions on the physical and mental health of soldiers), it may be worthwhile to consider if withdrawal from the defensive positions is a viable option.

Even though this is not a formal proposal, we can try and understand the purity of Pak intentions and what would happen if India agreed to this idea, at this specific point in time.

The Cards indicate that a withdrawal by India will not improve the friendship with Pakistan but instead will become another big headache for the government, and soon lead to armed conflict. In such a scenario, India will eventually be victorious but only at the cost of high initial losses.

So the best option for India is to maintain status quo at Siachen, while trying to improve relations with its neighbour is other ways.

23 Apr 2012

[Maldives Coup: Will democracy be restored?]

It has been 2 months since the coup killed democracy in Maldives.

The ex-President has been seeking help from other countries and international organizations. He has received some support but not total cooperation, and that is not good enough.

The public is naturally feeling a huge loss, and things are not in control. Maldives is moving towards a regressive form of governance (perhaps like what it was before the democratic government, or even worse)

If democracy is restored (by whatever means) within 1 month, then it is good for Maldives. Otherwise, Maldives will not see democracy for a long time (at least 5 years).

22 Apr 2012

[Will American Airlines merge with US Airways?]

Q: Will American Airlines, sooner or later, merge with US Airways?

The labour unions, in a combined effort, have already announced their support for the merger option.

American Airlines will start considering the merger proposal, the pros and cons, with a different /new point of view, and start taking positive steps in the process. The discussion are likely to reach the final stages and will lead to some celebrations, perhaps a little prematurely, because the talks will fizzle out. AA will think that they are getting a raw deal.

Karmically, too, this deal is not meant to happen (this doesn't mean that it can never happen).

There are other options available for Amercian Airlines.

Merger with DELTA? This will not happen.

American Airlines is in a financial mess. It will receive offers from many airlines willing to help, but AA will refuse those offers. AA management does not want a merger, which is not the right decision for the company. AA is being influenced by dollar considerations and confusion.

Some unconventional help is on its way.

AA will decide to go solo. It will be an uphill task. 

21 Apr 2012

[Headline: Who will win the French Presidential Election 2012?]

The race is primarily between two contenders. Opinion polls are predicting a victory for Francois Hollande with incumbent Nikolas Sarkozy finishing second by a narrow margin.

The Tarot reading is along the same lines...well, nearly! 

Hollande and Sarkozy appear equally strong, and it seems Melenchon could have done better with a little more hard work.

In the end, 'Emperor' Sarkozy will emerge the winnner due to familiarity /comfort factor for the voters.

Likely final standings:
1 - Nicolas Sarkozy
2 - Francois Hollande
3 - Jean-Luc Melenchon
4 - Francois Bayrou
5 - Marine Le Pen

20 Apr 2012

[Headline: 'Ram Setu' as a national monument]

[Will the current Indian Government accept the demand to declare 'Ram Setu' a national monument?]   

In the current government, there are many people who want the Ram Setu as a national monument, and are using their influence to move things forward. However, the main obstacles to this move are a few but more important people, who are not particularly sentimental about this issue. To these people, the 'Ram Setu' is a political trap where a decision taken either way could backfire and be harmful to the party. They are afraid to take a decision and will, therefore, do nothing and let the decision hang.

19 Apr 2012

[Headline: Maoists to try BJD MLA in People's Court]


The situation at the moment does not seem favorable to the kidnapped MLA and this is depressing him as he feels justice will not go his way. He is up against obstacles, karmic baggage and the Maoists feeling of resentment and anger. The Maoists are not willing to change their stance and take a different point of view. However, there is a very strong influence of new, female energy which will change the scenario. This energy of kindness and justice could be a person or the tribals' own belief system.

Inspite of the odds stacked against him, the hostage will walk free to a joyful reunion with his family.