7 Jun 2012

[Headline: Will Narendra Modi be the PM of India?]

Q: (A) Will Narendra Modi of Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP), currently the Chief Minister of Gujarat, become the Prime Minister of India? What is the guidance for him?
(B) If he does become the PM, what can Indians expect from him?

*** // Disclaimer: The author of this tarot blog is neither a member nor a supporter of any political party in India, including the BJP and the ruling Congress //***

The Tarot Cards Reading:

(A). Can he become the PM?

One thing that favours Narendra Modi is the environment or the situation right now. It is perfect: the competition is weak, there is no other strong PM candidate and so, there is a chance for him.

However, he is stuck because of what he has been held responsible for, rightly or wrongly.

He is not receiving cooperation from anywhere, for a variety of reasons. Nothing too is happening for him right now, and nothing will until he makes a peace offering. He has to put his demons to rest, because they are harmful to his progress.

Currently people are not accepting him because of his thought process, which is probably linked to past events. If he can change his thought process, then acceptance will flow.

How can Narendra Modi achieve this? He has to make himself peaceful, go within, meditate, and focus on his priorities. Making peace with the people will bring about positive change. He must open his heart to love and be kind to all. He must be seen to dispense justice and be fair. He CAN do it.

In his mind, Modi knows it is a difficult task, and unless he is able to see the others' point of view and bring joy to their existence, it cannot be achieved.

Right now Narendra Modi is not doing what he should if he wants to be the Prime Minister. He has to heal the wounds irrespective of whether he caused them or not. Make peace and remove all negativity to bring about positive change. Else, there is a strong possibility that he will keep waiting.

Special Guidance for Modi: It may be worthwhile to come out in the open and accept responsibility for past errors. It is not about pinning blame but closure. Once that is done, then start working towards taking appropriate corrective action.  Focus on your strengths, which are numerous.

For Narendra Modi now, it is not about numbers (voters), but clearing the energy block in his path.

It appears that only if he manages to bring about healing, will the path to the top job open up for him.

(B) If he does become the Prime Minister, what can Indians expect from him?

Conditional to Narendra Modi becoming the PM, is his ability to make peace and bring healing.

IF he does become the PM, he will prove to be the right choice for India. He will appear to be like a guide or teacher for India.

It will be a bit difficult initially for some people to accept him so cooperation would be low, but help will be at hand to help heal the relationships. Ultimately, acceptance will come. 

His problem will be of lack of trust, but that can be overcome through communication. He should remember the spiritual law of attraction, that only by giving trust can he attract trust for himself.

With Narendra Modi as PM, law and order will be good. He will govern well, and with kindness. That is his strength.

However, sometimes his ego will hinder his work. In order to win in certain situations, he might try to use excessive force, but it seems that would be against tougher challenges.

Under Modi the PM, India will undergo a regeneration. He will give India a new, clean, pure start. He will have the strength and will to fight India's problems. For the nation, he will prove to be a blessing and will help heal the country.

Mentally, Narendra Modi will feel strong, and be aware that he has to choose his priorities correctly. He knows that he can do it.

Overall, as a Prime Minister, Narendra Modi will be powerful, fair and clear-headed. He will bring balance in all aspects of governance. India will be prosperous with him in charge.

BUT, only if he works towards it in the right manner can he become the PM, which at the moment, he doesn't seem to be doing.


  1. Non sense, we Indians lack discipline thanks to Gandhiji who taught us.Indiscipline was good against Britishers but now we are independent and we need to bring discipline to this nation and only Narendra Modi with his current way of working can do that.I dont believe tarot and stuff but I know Narendra Modi will become PM for sure and individuals are personally promoting him and one day we will suceed if not 2014 then 2016,becoz others selfish politicians and fooling Indians in the name of secularism.

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  4. next prime minister of india is narendra modi and they also win the 2013 elections.