12 Sep 2012

[Headline: Rahul Gandhi's Political Future]

Q. What does Rahul Gandhi's political future look like at the moment?

As the next big hope of the Congress Party, Rahul Gandhi, surprisingly, seems to be running low on confidence and is somewhat downbeat about the political scenario.

This negative frame of mind may be preventing him from assessing the situation, as he should be doing. As a result, he may not look positively at the mantle of leadership that the rest of the party-members are trying to thrust upon his shoulders. He has repeatedly refused the offers to join the government.

The Tarot suggests that his current mindset is politically self-destructive! Staying quiet and invisible in the background at this moment of crisis is not advisable, as the future leader is expected to lead from the front, whatever the odds.

Part of the reason for Rahul's withdrawal may be that he does not believe he can pull a rabbit out of the hat and help the party overcome its dismal record of performance and accountability. This may also be compounded due to differences of opinion amongst family members.

Another angle to this reluctance may be that his life is a contrast to the dream script of his father's life, where his father, Rajiv, came as a ray of hope and captured the imagination of the public. Rahul, by contrast has already faced some reverses in the political field and he realises that the murky environment around the party is not conducive to a successful political career. Therefore, in the short run, success in the political sphere seems doubtful.

The Tarot's guidance for Rahul is to accept the challenge and join the battle, because that is his duty to his party and to his family. He must not despair about the past , because for him personally, at least, a fresh new opportunity to prove himself is just around the corner, maybe in a few months.

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