10 Jul 2012

[Headline: Will India's Congress Party be Back in 2014?]

Q. Will the Indian National Congress (Congress) be able to come pack to power after the 2014 general elections in India?

Considering the pathetic record of the Congress led alliance (UPA) in governance, this should be an easy one for the electorate. Bring in the new!

The Tarot Cards too indicate that the Congress party, as a force by itself, is finished for the time being. Their is no charisma, nothing to draw the voters to itself. Instead, all that it has touched, has turned to mud. Too many skeletons in the cupboard means that the party is weighed down by its past wrongdoings.

This would seem the perfect setting for the opposition (primarily the BJP) to build its own popularity and put up a good show in the next elections. Instead the opposition too is in complete disarray. The Congress has tripped itself flat, but the opposition is not even around to land a punch.

So the Congress will win, by a walkover.

The way the game is progressing, the Congress will  be back (as a coalition government), but not before it has to resort to deals and manipulations that are commonplace in Indian politics. The victory will not seem honourable.

In the entire drama, 2 younger people and 1-2 older ones will play a key role, whereas some of those older ones in charge may not fare well.

As a result of all the political churning (with allies and potential partners), a new leader for PM will emerge who will turn out to be very effective, and therefore, a good choice for the nation.

What can the BJP learn from this likely scenario? How can they affect the outcome? The Congress will be back by default and manipulations and not due to its popularity or performance. So this tarot reading is an early warning for the BJP to focus on strengthening its alliances, and choosing a strong leader (future PM) to spearhead their campaign.

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