21 Jun 2012

[Headline: Will Romney be a Good President?]

Q: IF Mitt Romney wins, will he prove to be a good President for the people of USA?   His impact on the rest of the world is not part of this tarot reading.

(Disclaimer: The author has no direct stake in the US Presidential elections)

The Republicans will agree with this reading. The Democrats will not, but hopefully they can take comfort from the fact that it is a win-win situation for them (If Obama wins, it's a win. If the economy turns around, it is a win for everyone).  Also, this blog has deliberately not made an outright forecast of the election result, though guidance for course correction has been issued for Obama in an earlier reading: "Will Obama Win?". 

The Tarot Reading:

This is a very vibrant reading, with literally little indication of setbacks for Romney. IF Mitt Romney becomes the next President, he will change the fortunes of USA. That is his karmic responsibility.

Romney will come in as the wise man, his wisdom and fresh perspective allowing him to take charge of the economy and bringing the flow of prosperity to the people.

However, he will not get off to a flying start, as he will avoid acting in haste just to create a false impression. Therefore, initially it may appear to people that resources or opportunities are being wasted, that there is a lack of stability on multiple fronts, and that there isn't much forward movement, particularly in the economy.

The balance will be achieved gradually. The reversal will start and the depression will end.

With prosperity and jobs, people will come to realize that he is suited for that job. People will definitely be happier.

Overall, Romney will feel and act like a king. He will bring a welcome fresh perspective to the table. It is a tough job, and he will stick around and do it.

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