11 Jun 2012

[Headline: Will Obama Win?]

Q. At the rate and the direction in which Obama's campaign is headed, is there any chance of his winning the election?

This Tarot reading is a followup on an earlier done on 19 May, titled "Barack Obama - Can he be Emperor again?" The objective is to check, a little sympathetically, if Barack Obama's campaign is back on the winning track. Earlier on, it wasn't.

Evidently, Mr. Obama hasn't been listening to the public, his wellwishers, and, unsurprisingly, to this blog. Naturally, his campaign and his election prospects, are still headed in the same direction - NOWHERE (said a little unsympathetically).

The Tarot Cards reveal that nothing is happening right now! Obama has neither found any solution nor has any plans to address the economic woes, which makes him extremely unpopular with the masses. In the people's perception, he has failed to display the strengths they thought he had. Simply stated, people feel betrayed.

His image of a peacemaker has probably boomeranged on him. He is being too soft for their liking, and is not coming across as strong enough.

Obama has to change the campaign to leverage his own strengths. He will do well to remember how he won the last time? Who was in charge then?

Again, as if to emphasize, the Tarot Cards urge Obama to rally the women power at his disposal. But women are not to be taken for granted or to be patronised. What role can and should Hillary Clinton play? It is time to restore burnt bridges on a war footing.

Of those around him, the businessmen and the intelligentsia can help Obama understand why it seems nothing is working. He must listen to them.

Obama should stop playing the fool, and start working towards breathing fresh life and energy into the campaign. He has to give people what they want to bring balance & joy in their lives, whatever his methods.

Obama and his team will come up with breakthrough ideas later on, but if they follow the current trajectory, the efforts will be half-hearted and the outcome, pathetic. But if, and only if, they follow through completely with total commitment, can the situation be turned around.


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