28 Apr 2012

[Headline: Economic future of Spain & Europe]

Q: How will Spain's economy impact Europe and what is the future outlook for Eurozone?

Spain's economy is in the process of totally falling apart. Everything is out of control; they are not making the right decisions or choices. The downward fall will continue, and whatever they try, will not work. They need to look at the situation as it is and have/explore new perspectives.

Spains' troubles will cause depression, confusion and extreme stress in the Eurozone. Businesses will fail; progress will stall.

After the collapse, would be a fresh beginning. And it is not very far off.

The revival will start 9 months from now. Probably, somewhere the process has already begun; some ideas are taking shape. Behind the revival would be a young person (an economist, politician, businessman...?) with new ideas, a new way of thinking or a new plan/idea.

Europe will accept the new ideas.  Countries will work together with calmness and cooperation, and without ego clashes. Probably the richer countries will loosen the purse strings. Working together will lead to joy for all.

Karmically, the revival has to happen, and Europe will be back to prosperous times.

27 Apr 2012

[Headline: Is Iran a nuclear threat?]

Q: Does Iran pose a genuine nuclear threat to countries in the region?

The Tarot reading (from the Iranian point of view) indicates that Iran is not a nuclear threat to anyone, in the near future.

Iran will be sensible and make the right decisions. Iran is stressed because of the sanctions, and would like to protect its economy. Any more countries imposing sanctions would be a huge blow.

What Iran expects is for other countries to be more cooperative and to assess the situation correctly.

Iran will act with restraint. Everyone wants stability in the region.

26 Apr 2012

[Headline: Outcome of Infosys USA's legal troubles]

Q: What is the future for Infosys USA, and its legal troubles regarding allegations of wrongdoing?

News about Infosys USA hasn't been cheerful of late. They are under investigations for misusing visas and related issues.

Obviously, things are not going for Infosys the way it wants. Progress is stalled, and it seems to be going backwards. Wrong decisions have been made in the past. There's stress, confusion and corporate anxiety.

Infosys needn't worry about the fairness of the trial. Justice will be done, it just won't go in its favour. It is a situation it will find difficult to escape. Whatever help it receives may not be enough. There will be great financial loss.

Only some very radical out-of-the-box thinking can get Infosys out of this situation.

In the future, Infosys will have great problems with its young professionals, probably getting visas etc.

25 Apr 2012

[Headline: Abdul Kalam for President]

Will Abdul Kalam again be the President of India?

Abdul Kalam was a popular and widely loved President, but he was denied a second term. Everyone knows he's progressive and he will be good for India.

Most people want him back for a second term or would not mind him as President again, but some key people with ego issues will let not let go of control, or change their opposing stance.

Therefore, the suggestion would be killed at the initial stages, and he will not even be a contender.

If the business lobby has a say, they will back Abdul Kalam to the extent possible.

Karmically, this event is not possible. Maybe, that is India's fate.

24 Apr 2012

[Headline: 'Troops withdrawal from Siachen if India agrees']

Ref: Pak President Zardari's comment of both India & Pakistan pulling out of Siachen jointly as an option (made in reference to Pakistani soldiers killed in an avalanche in the region).

Considering the hostile terrain and the extreme conditions under which soldiers have to defend the borders (for example the loss of lives in the avalanche and also the long terms effects of such conditions on the physical and mental health of soldiers), it may be worthwhile to consider if withdrawal from the defensive positions is a viable option.

Even though this is not a formal proposal, we can try and understand the purity of Pak intentions and what would happen if India agreed to this idea, at this specific point in time.

The Cards indicate that a withdrawal by India will not improve the friendship with Pakistan but instead will become another big headache for the government, and soon lead to armed conflict. In such a scenario, India will eventually be victorious but only at the cost of high initial losses.

So the best option for India is to maintain status quo at Siachen, while trying to improve relations with its neighbour is other ways.

23 Apr 2012

[Maldives Coup: Will democracy be restored?]

It has been 2 months since the coup killed democracy in Maldives.

The ex-President has been seeking help from other countries and international organizations. He has received some support but not total cooperation, and that is not good enough.

The public is naturally feeling a huge loss, and things are not in control. Maldives is moving towards a regressive form of governance (perhaps like what it was before the democratic government, or even worse)

If democracy is restored (by whatever means) within 1 month, then it is good for Maldives. Otherwise, Maldives will not see democracy for a long time (at least 5 years).

22 Apr 2012

[Will American Airlines merge with US Airways?]

Q: Will American Airlines, sooner or later, merge with US Airways?

The labour unions, in a combined effort, have already announced their support for the merger option.

American Airlines will start considering the merger proposal, the pros and cons, with a different /new point of view, and start taking positive steps in the process. The discussion are likely to reach the final stages and will lead to some celebrations, perhaps a little prematurely, because the talks will fizzle out. AA will think that they are getting a raw deal.

Karmically, too, this deal is not meant to happen (this doesn't mean that it can never happen).

There are other options available for Amercian Airlines.

Merger with DELTA? This will not happen.

American Airlines is in a financial mess. It will receive offers from many airlines willing to help, but AA will refuse those offers. AA management does not want a merger, which is not the right decision for the company. AA is being influenced by dollar considerations and confusion.

Some unconventional help is on its way.

AA will decide to go solo. It will be an uphill task. 

21 Apr 2012

[Headline: Who will win the French Presidential Election 2012?]

The race is primarily between two contenders. Opinion polls are predicting a victory for Francois Hollande with incumbent Nikolas Sarkozy finishing second by a narrow margin.

The Tarot reading is along the same lines...well, nearly! 

Hollande and Sarkozy appear equally strong, and it seems Melenchon could have done better with a little more hard work.

In the end, 'Emperor' Sarkozy will emerge the winnner due to familiarity /comfort factor for the voters.

Likely final standings:
1 - Nicolas Sarkozy
2 - Francois Hollande
3 - Jean-Luc Melenchon
4 - Francois Bayrou
5 - Marine Le Pen

20 Apr 2012

[Headline: 'Ram Setu' as a national monument]

[Will the current Indian Government accept the demand to declare 'Ram Setu' a national monument?]   

In the current government, there are many people who want the Ram Setu as a national monument, and are using their influence to move things forward. However, the main obstacles to this move are a few but more important people, who are not particularly sentimental about this issue. To these people, the 'Ram Setu' is a political trap where a decision taken either way could backfire and be harmful to the party. They are afraid to take a decision and will, therefore, do nothing and let the decision hang.

19 Apr 2012

[Headline: Maoists to try BJD MLA in People's Court]


The situation at the moment does not seem favorable to the kidnapped MLA and this is depressing him as he feels justice will not go his way. He is up against obstacles, karmic baggage and the Maoists feeling of resentment and anger. The Maoists are not willing to change their stance and take a different point of view. However, there is a very strong influence of new, female energy which will change the scenario. This energy of kindness and justice could be a person or the tribals' own belief system.

Inspite of the odds stacked against him, the hostage will walk free to a joyful reunion with his family.