20 Jul 2012

[Headline: How Secure Are The Olympics?]

Q. In the last few days before the Olympics begin, a quick look at the security set up.

In the lead up to the games, a few terror plots have been foiled. So, is the security setup effective enough to block all attacks?

The Tarot Cards indicate that 'all is well'. There doesn't seem to be even a hint of trouble. The Games are secure as nothing can penetrate all the levels of security. People can attend the events without fear.

19 Jul 2012

[Headline: Yuvraj Back in Indian Cricket Team]

Q. How will Yuvraj Singh's form hold up in his most dramatic return to the Indian cricket team?

This is one comeback that even his worst critics would applaud. Making a recovery from lung cancer, Yuvraj Singh has just been named in the probables for the T20 World Cup. Now it is up to him.

The Tarot Cards say that Yuvraj is receiving and will continue to receive complete support and cooperation from every aspect of his environment. The Cricket Board is in the mood to provide him all the opportunities he needs to get his game back and reclaim his rightful place in the team.

Yuvraj too, at the moment, is completely focused, enthusiastic and energised about playing with the team again. It is like a new beginning for him, even in terms of the emotions involved, and he will be hopeful of regaining his form again.

However, and Yuvraj knows, that it a difficult road and things cannot be the same again. In reality, it is actually more difficult than he thinks it is. The carefree attitude of pre-illness days may not be the best strategy now.

Yuvraj will get enough opportunities but if he does not apply himself with solid determination and will power, every single day, he (and his body) may just not be able to keep pace with the demands of international sports. His form too may be patchy. And so the Tarot Cards advise him not to take his fitness and game lightly. This new beginning will be tougher than breaking into the team the first time.

At the same time, Yuvraj must be fair to himself. He must accept the changed circumstances of his life, and try to understand how it might lead him to higher goals.

10 Jul 2012

[Headline: Arsenal sans Persie]

Q. Even at this stage, is there a chance that Robin van Persie will decide to stay with Arsenal? If he goes, how will Arsenal perform in the coming season?

Robin van Persie has made up his mind to go. While money is a motivator, what he really craves is the satisfaction of winning, football glory, and playing for the best possible team. Arsenal's conservative approach is thwarting his lofty ambitions. He is in the mood to 'flirt' with a more successful club.

First season, after van Persie's exit:

Arsenal would once again go through a heartbreak. It would be a stressful time for all with the club, and they would be very upset with van Persie's betrayal. The environment would be saturated with negative emotions about being let down by their star player.

Once the season gets going, Arsenal will try its best with the resources at its disposal, but the air of negativity will continue to pull them down. There will be a phase when Arsenal will be on an extended winning streak, but that will taper off.

The only way forward for Arsenal is to stop dwelling on Persie's betrayal, and go out to win. The new strikers will not be able to deliver to their full potential if the ghost of van Persie is not completely banished from the team's locker room. Have faith in the team.

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[Headline: Will India's Congress Party be Back in 2014?]

Q. Will the Indian National Congress (Congress) be able to come pack to power after the 2014 general elections in India?

Considering the pathetic record of the Congress led alliance (UPA) in governance, this should be an easy one for the electorate. Bring in the new!

The Tarot Cards too indicate that the Congress party, as a force by itself, is finished for the time being. Their is no charisma, nothing to draw the voters to itself. Instead, all that it has touched, has turned to mud. Too many skeletons in the cupboard means that the party is weighed down by its past wrongdoings.

This would seem the perfect setting for the opposition (primarily the BJP) to build its own popularity and put up a good show in the next elections. Instead the opposition too is in complete disarray. The Congress has tripped itself flat, but the opposition is not even around to land a punch.

So the Congress will win, by a walkover.

The way the game is progressing, the Congress will  be back (as a coalition government), but not before it has to resort to deals and manipulations that are commonplace in Indian politics. The victory will not seem honourable.

In the entire drama, 2 younger people and 1-2 older ones will play a key role, whereas some of those older ones in charge may not fare well.

As a result of all the political churning (with allies and potential partners), a new leader for PM will emerge who will turn out to be very effective, and therefore, a good choice for the nation.

What can the BJP learn from this likely scenario? How can they affect the outcome? The Congress will be back by default and manipulations and not due to its popularity or performance. So this tarot reading is an early warning for the BJP to focus on strengthening its alliances, and choosing a strong leader (future PM) to spearhead their campaign.

2 Jul 2012

[Guidance for July 2012]

Guidance for You: All through July 2012

This is a general tarot reading and maybe only one or more paragraphs will apply to your current situation, depending upon where you live and what stage of life or self-discovery you are at.

* ** * *

At the forefront, still, is the urgent need to survive the economic turmoil countries across the world are going through, particularly Europe. Survival brings out the best and the worst in people. So it is likely that the frustration and stress will drive people into conflict with the authorities. There will be intolerance and disbelief for even the best of intentions and efforts of those in charge. The Tarot advises you to make the effort to restrain yourself, be stable and grounded, and remain calm. Otherwise the situation can easily spin out of control.

This is the time for kindness and gentleness, not brute bullying force, in matters concerning children and marriage. Take the steps to understand your children, and treat them with unconditional love even in the face of provocation. That is the path to harmony at home.  Also, this is a really bad time (actually, there is never a good time) for sexual indiscretions and disloyalty to your partner or spouse. Exercise self-control, or pay the price. You will have to work at improving your relationship.

There is a feeling that the economy is taking too long to recover, if at all. This was not supposed to happen to you or to your country. It does not seem fair. But problems often precede opportunities. You could try new ways of creating wealth, and there is a good chance you will succeed. Work at making your dreams come true.

You may have withdrawn from other people and their problems in the hope that you will be happy in your little island of peace. Instead, you should reach out with compassion and understanding, and help in creating happiness for others. Women particularly should not be aggressive in their behaviour, but consciously choose to express themselves with love.

You must be more flexible, tolerant or open to other people's thinking or way of life. Try to understand the spiritual laws, instead of mocking them. You may need to express yourself in new and different ways.

July will also be conducive, if you are willing, to connect with your higher self. You will realise and feel that you are complete in yourself, and do not need crutches to keep your chin up. Learn to meditate and go within.