15 May 2012

[Headline: Greece - Exit Scenario?]

Q: Will Greece remain in the European Union?

Whatever be the political situation in Greece in the near future, the good news from the Tarot is that in their time of need, they are going to receive further help. Things will move fast and they will keep receiving help.

Greece continue to be in trouble because they have not been able to fight the problem. So something like a fresh start is about to happen. Greece will take a risk and that risk will pay off. They will come out of this death-like situation with a plan, be clear headed and make the right choices.

Initially, the feeling will be that success is eluding them, but they will ultimately get up and get going. Their actions will seem to be backed with wisdom. They will receive outside help in this healing process. Inspite of the general despair on the surface, the state of mind for the future looks positive.

The Greeks are not going anywhere. They will stay in the euro zone. They will make it work.

It seems that the fresh start towards rebuilding will begin within 2 months, and the process will take up to 1 year to show some signs of a turnaround.

(Disclaimer: This forecast is not based on any known economic theory or model. The author has no training in economics, finance, business, law or politics)

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