28 Apr 2012

[Headline: Economic future of Spain & Europe]

Q: How will Spain's economy impact Europe and what is the future outlook for Eurozone?

Spain's economy is in the process of totally falling apart. Everything is out of control; they are not making the right decisions or choices. The downward fall will continue, and whatever they try, will not work. They need to look at the situation as it is and have/explore new perspectives.

Spains' troubles will cause depression, confusion and extreme stress in the Eurozone. Businesses will fail; progress will stall.

After the collapse, would be a fresh beginning. And it is not very far off.

The revival will start 9 months from now. Probably, somewhere the process has already begun; some ideas are taking shape. Behind the revival would be a young person (an economist, politician, businessman...?) with new ideas, a new way of thinking or a new plan/idea.

Europe will accept the new ideas.  Countries will work together with calmness and cooperation, and without ego clashes. Probably the richer countries will loosen the purse strings. Working together will lead to joy for all.

Karmically, the revival has to happen, and Europe will be back to prosperous times.


  1. In the clutter of major economic strategies, this blog might seem flippant, but that is neither the case nor the intention. This is also not one of Nostradamus' predictions (as far as I know).

    This is an honest tarot reading; an attempt to look beyond the turmoil through a different lens, and to understand the subtler energies underlying these circumstances.