23 Aug 2012

[Headline: Will Robin van Persie Dazzle at ManU?]

Q. How will Robin van Persie perform in his first season at Manchester United ?

This season, for RVP, may not turn out exactly as he hopes and expects it to. Even though he will receive full support from his new manager and he, himself, also feels that the move to Manchester United is the culmination of his footballing journey, he'll face a few difficulties adjusting to the culture at his new club. He also may have to face some ego issues that may be difficult to deal with.

The start of the season could be somewhat of a disappointment for him as he might fall short of expectations. The flamboyance, which his new club expects from his game, may not be visible. Mentaly, however, he feels that he's the "Emperor" and he has everything under control.

By the end of the current season, there's a possibility of Robin being involved in some kind of conflict and he could end up feeling a bit let down by his new club. He quickly needs to get used to Manchester United's way of functioning and give it his best shot.

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