19 Jul 2012

[Headline: Yuvraj Back in Indian Cricket Team]

Q. How will Yuvraj Singh's form hold up in his most dramatic return to the Indian cricket team?

This is one comeback that even his worst critics would applaud. Making a recovery from lung cancer, Yuvraj Singh has just been named in the probables for the T20 World Cup. Now it is up to him.

The Tarot Cards say that Yuvraj is receiving and will continue to receive complete support and cooperation from every aspect of his environment. The Cricket Board is in the mood to provide him all the opportunities he needs to get his game back and reclaim his rightful place in the team.

Yuvraj too, at the moment, is completely focused, enthusiastic and energised about playing with the team again. It is like a new beginning for him, even in terms of the emotions involved, and he will be hopeful of regaining his form again.

However, and Yuvraj knows, that it a difficult road and things cannot be the same again. In reality, it is actually more difficult than he thinks it is. The carefree attitude of pre-illness days may not be the best strategy now.

Yuvraj will get enough opportunities but if he does not apply himself with solid determination and will power, every single day, he (and his body) may just not be able to keep pace with the demands of international sports. His form too may be patchy. And so the Tarot Cards advise him not to take his fitness and game lightly. This new beginning will be tougher than breaking into the team the first time.

At the same time, Yuvraj must be fair to himself. He must accept the changed circumstances of his life, and try to understand how it might lead him to higher goals.

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