10 Jul 2012

[Headline: Arsenal sans Persie]

Q. Even at this stage, is there a chance that Robin van Persie will decide to stay with Arsenal? If he goes, how will Arsenal perform in the coming season?

Robin van Persie has made up his mind to go. While money is a motivator, what he really craves is the satisfaction of winning, football glory, and playing for the best possible team. Arsenal's conservative approach is thwarting his lofty ambitions. He is in the mood to 'flirt' with a more successful club.

First season, after van Persie's exit:

Arsenal would once again go through a heartbreak. It would be a stressful time for all with the club, and they would be very upset with van Persie's betrayal. The environment would be saturated with negative emotions about being let down by their star player.

Once the season gets going, Arsenal will try its best with the resources at its disposal, but the air of negativity will continue to pull them down. There will be a phase when Arsenal will be on an extended winning streak, but that will taper off.

The only way forward for Arsenal is to stop dwelling on Persie's betrayal, and go out to win. The new strikers will not be able to deliver to their full potential if the ghost of van Persie is not completely banished from the team's locker room. Have faith in the team.

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