22 Apr 2012

[Will American Airlines merge with US Airways?]

Q: Will American Airlines, sooner or later, merge with US Airways?

The labour unions, in a combined effort, have already announced their support for the merger option.

American Airlines will start considering the merger proposal, the pros and cons, with a different /new point of view, and start taking positive steps in the process. The discussion are likely to reach the final stages and will lead to some celebrations, perhaps a little prematurely, because the talks will fizzle out. AA will think that they are getting a raw deal.

Karmically, too, this deal is not meant to happen (this doesn't mean that it can never happen).

There are other options available for Amercian Airlines.

Merger with DELTA? This will not happen.

American Airlines is in a financial mess. It will receive offers from many airlines willing to help, but AA will refuse those offers. AA management does not want a merger, which is not the right decision for the company. AA is being influenced by dollar considerations and confusion.

Some unconventional help is on its way.

AA will decide to go solo. It will be an uphill task. 


  1. AA management needs to get out of the way. They have failed to produce a viable successful business plan. It's time for new leadership AND a merge.

  2. AA can go it alone and would be better to do so. The unions are not realistic if they believe that jobs will be saved by a merger. The surviving carrier name may be AA, however, the employees will not be on the upside of such a deal.

    AA needs to pare back, come charging out of bankruptcy with a new leadership, a new look and feel and be as aggressive as it can be in marketing, forging alliances, and building a new leadership reputation with its employees and customers. It can merge with US Airways or several others and become one slow, uninteresting behemoth blob that drives no change and does not perform in a spectacular manner and provides just another uncomfortable seat in which a customer will suffer...or it can be true to its name and CREAATE!