26 Apr 2012

[Headline: Outcome of Infosys USA's legal troubles]

Q: What is the future for Infosys USA, and its legal troubles regarding allegations of wrongdoing?

News about Infosys USA hasn't been cheerful of late. They are under investigations for misusing visas and related issues.

Obviously, things are not going for Infosys the way it wants. Progress is stalled, and it seems to be going backwards. Wrong decisions have been made in the past. There's stress, confusion and corporate anxiety.

Infosys needn't worry about the fairness of the trial. Justice will be done, it just won't go in its favour. It is a situation it will find difficult to escape. Whatever help it receives may not be enough. There will be great financial loss.

Only some very radical out-of-the-box thinking can get Infosys out of this situation.

In the future, Infosys will have great problems with its young professionals, probably getting visas etc.

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