21 Apr 2012

[Headline: Who will win the French Presidential Election 2012?]

The race is primarily between two contenders. Opinion polls are predicting a victory for Francois Hollande with incumbent Nikolas Sarkozy finishing second by a narrow margin.

The Tarot reading is along the same lines...well, nearly! 

Hollande and Sarkozy appear equally strong, and it seems Melenchon could have done better with a little more hard work.

In the end, 'Emperor' Sarkozy will emerge the winnner due to familiarity /comfort factor for the voters.

Likely final standings:
1 - Nicolas Sarkozy
2 - Francois Hollande
3 - Jean-Luc Melenchon
4 - Francois Bayrou
5 - Marine Le Pen

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  1. Oops! This can happen when you experiment with a new card spread.