20 Apr 2012

[Headline: 'Ram Setu' as a national monument]

[Will the current Indian Government accept the demand to declare 'Ram Setu' a national monument?]   

In the current government, there are many people who want the Ram Setu as a national monument, and are using their influence to move things forward. However, the main obstacles to this move are a few but more important people, who are not particularly sentimental about this issue. To these people, the 'Ram Setu' is a political trap where a decision taken either way could backfire and be harmful to the party. They are afraid to take a decision and will, therefore, do nothing and let the decision hang.

1 comment:

  1. UPA stands for 'Under Paralytic Attack'. Let us pray for some recovery, even if it seems highly unlikely.
    You don't need tarot or astrology to forecast decision making in this government.