24 Jun 2012

[Headline: How Will Obama Perform in Round 2?]

Q.  IF Obama wins a second time, how well will he do as President, specifically for the citizens of USA?  His impact on the rest of the world is not being considered.

An earlier reading - Will Obama Win? - was done more as a guidance for success than a prediction of the outcome. The current reading looks at his likely performance if he returns to the Oval Office, and is along the same sombre lines as the earlier readings done for him. Of course, nothing can match the electric atmosphere of his win in 2008.

The Tarot Reading:

IF Obama wins, the baggage and ghosts of the previous term will await him in his office. Naturally, it will be a continuation for him, so no cartons to unpack, no new upholstery, and definitely no opportunity for a fresh start.

Initially, the general population will be feeling upbeat, expecting a brighter future. Obama, like Romney (Will Romney be a Good President?), will not act in haste. The gravity of the situation is not lost on either of them. Obama will make the effort, and will achieve some traction in the economy, but in the longer run it may not seem enough and people's impression will change to Obama not delivering on the promise of bringing balance in the economy. With continuing instability, the mood of the nation will not improve, and Obama can expect extreme displeasure from the public in general , and the youth in particular.

Some personal traits will start to work against Obama. First, his virtuous image might limit his options for action. Are some decisions best handled by a cold-blooded, tougher approach?

Second would be Obama's tendency to become stubborn about his way of thinking, not willing to compromise or remaining inflexible in critical discussions. His thought process is not expected to change and so he is unlikely to try anything new. His mantra of "I know best" will probably let him down.

Little wonder then if Obama struggles for the success that should have been well within his grasp. Overall, success will come to him slowly, and on the economic front it will be difficult for him to create the jobs the nation needs.

Key guidance for Obama to improve results and perception of his second Presidency:
  • Obama needs to be more flexible; alllow fresh ideas and fresh energy to come in.
  • Get rid of dodgy or ineffective advisors. Again, welcome fresh and youthful energy.
  • Do whatever it takes to create jobs.

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