1 Jun 2012

[Guidance & Forecast for Happiness in June 2012]

Guidance for You: All through June 2012

There are bound to be challenges during the month that will test you to the limit. You may want to give up, but stick around to overcome those challenges. The wait is over. Circumstances will appear to improve.

You may feel trapped by circumstances, and it may appear to you that you are going through an unending period of bad luck. Patience, and not panic, will help. A slightly modified version of Dumbledore's advice to Harry Potter will apply: "Help is available to those who know where to look for it."

Do not let false pride stand in the way of seeking help when you need it. Be sensible and ask for help.

Avoid being impetuous, and try not to unnecessarily get into trouble. Honesty will be the best policy. So be very careful about being dishonest and doing anything wrong or illegal, especially with respect to improving your finances or property matters.

Consciously make the right choices, and you will meet with success.

Financial problems will begin to heal during this period.

Nostalgia is in the air. Old friends may suddenly reappear and bring you happiness.

It is a good time for women and children. They will encounter or undertake new beginnings.

If you have recently been feeling low and lacking confidence, and wish to quit your present situation, DON'T.  Hang around, for this too shall pass, and your talent and abilities will bring you new opportunities for success and honour.

Special Guidance for Women:
It is not the time to be self-centred. Loyalty (particularly to partner) is a virtue to remember. Be conscious of not creating any problems within the family, either because of jealousy, malice, prudishness or inflexibility.

Be wise and assess a situation well before reacting to it. Don't create unnecessary stress in your environment.

General Guidance for Healing & Happiness:
Purify your thoughts and actions, and attenpt to bring about a positive change in your outlook towards life.  Creative people should give expression to their creativity and believe in themselves that they can do it.

Follow your heart wherever it may lead you (but within permissible legal limits).

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