5 Jun 2012

[Headline: Team Prospects in Euro 2012]

Q: How are the teams expected to perform in Euro 2012? Should there be any concerns about safety of players and fans?

Here is a very quick look at how some teams will fare.

It appears that....
  • France & Italy may disappoint.
  • Germany will need to push much harder to cross the first round.
  • Greece will spring a surprise.
  • Netherlands seems to be in command.
  • England & Russia will do well if they cross the first barrier.
  • Poland, Sweden, Ukraine, Croatia, Spain  Portugal are likely to cross the first round. But apart from Poland, it will be a challenge for the other five to make further progress.

On the safety & security front, there does not seem to be anything to worry about. The tournament will go off peacefully. This tournament is a top priority for Ukraine and they will work hard for success. They will be in complete charge and will ensure the event is managed well with all safety and security measures in place.

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