5 Jun 2012

[Headline: Will Gambhir Become Indian Cricket Captain?]

Q: Will Gautam Gambhir become India's cricket captain for the Test match format? 

// (Disclaimer: This reading is not to judge the character of people involved, but is a statement of how the Tarot Cards revealed the interplay of subtle energies & thoughts in this situation) //

Being the cricket captain in India is not just about cricket, but also popularity, endorsements, huge money, glamour, relationships, power and a piece of history.

It is a very difficult task for Gambhir to become the Test captain, but not impossible.  The incumbent wouldn't want to let go of it easily because a lot is at stake and giving up captaincy would mean the end of many things.

What Gambhir wants may not happen and the help he needs will not come. There are ego issues involved and Gambhir may not find favour with people that matter. Some talk about Gambhir's captaincy might happen, but key people will not accept it because they feel it would lead to a decline in prosperity.

Mentally, Gambhir knows this will create a conflict situation. He understands the commercial compulsions and what is at stake for the others. He is also aware that he might have to give up and walk away, rather than undertake to remove all of the obstacles in his path.

At the moment nothing has been decided so there is still a chance for Gambhir. But even then, it might not happen! From the reading, it seems that Gautam Gambhir has lost out being the captain in the past too.

The guidance for Gambhir is to seize the opportunity. Take charge and try to make it happen. This is the time, as they say, to strike. The current situation is a blessing for him (Gambhir has impressed everyone with his captaincy in the IPL). He can work his magic because he has that magic right now.

If Gambhir wants the captaincy, he must go for it now, without being overly aggressive. He should try to communicate with the powers that be, without getting sucked into the drama and the politics. Stay focused.

At this time, Gambhir is of the same stature & potential as the incumbent, and therefore, a credible option to replace him. Gambhir's drawback is his lack of popularity. And because he has become a viable alternative, the incumbent will be more alert now and is likely to take appropriate measures to protect his position.

If Gambhir can manage to pull this off, it will happen between 3 months and 2 years from now.

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