17 Jun 2012

[Headline: Will India's New FM Deliver?]

Q: If Pranab Mukherjee, the current FM,  takes over as the next President of India, how will the new Finance Minister perform?

It seems that the decision of who would be the next FM has been taken, though it may not yet be in the public domain.

The incoming FM (even if he has previously been the FM or a senior official) would approach the job as a new one, a fresh start: he will take some time to assess the situation and tread cautiously. So initially, it may appear that he's not doing anything at all, as people would expect the FM to come in, brandish his sword and immediately take control of the economy. But these are troubled times, and need some deeper contemplation.

The FM will start taking decisions, initiate action and attempt to assume control. But in the early days he will not receive cooperation from his own party members or the allies because of doubts about his way of thinking. That phase will pass.

For the FM, this job will be like a battle, but he will have the stomach for a fight. He will have the strength and courage to undo wrong decisions of the past and follow through on his own decisions and ideas. Whatever the situation, he will find a way out.

In the longer run, hard work will pay off in overcoming obstacles. He will be successful at improving the economy. Improved results will start showing from 2-3 months onwards.

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