30 Jun 2012

[Headline: Mayan Prophecy - Is it the BIG Deal?

Q.  The Mayan prophecy based on the date 21st Dec 2012 has conjured up many dramatic scenarios for mankind, many of them, expectedly, are doomsday ones. Are we really heading for a planetary disaster that our rational minds are afraid to acknowledge, or is there another angle to consider? Either way, is this date and year a significant one?

This Tarot Cards reading takes the before-and-after 21st Dec approach, and looks at likely changes for the planet and its people.

The Tarot reading:

However compelling the case for human extinction, now is not the time. So if you're looking for instant relief, take this pill: The human race is NOT in any immediate danger of elimination from this reality show. No continental scale disasters or upheavals are likely to happen in the remaining months of the year. But there will be acclerated change on the spiritual plane, that may not even be evident to those who 'have eyes, but cannot see'.

As the end of the year approaches, the general feeling of loss, despair, disillusionment, unfulfilment or emptiness will gradually peak, and for many fortunate people, it will be the moment of truth and the time to make the decision to act to resolve all sources of conflict in their lives.

The biggest conflict to come to realisation is that the pursuit of wealth does not necessarily lead to happiness. Wealth provides comforts of life, without guarantee of happiness. Currently people are directing all their energies and commitment in the physical world but they are rarely rewarded with what they truly want. At a deeper level, there is no celebration of success because the ego never rests. Feeling caught up in their situations, people are clinging on to superficial stuff that defines success for them and their peers.

In these times, people are not able to find a balance between the spiritual and the material worlds; they are unable to blend the conscious and unconscious power that they have.

21st December will be like the cusp of spiritual change, though it cannot be sharply defined as that single point after which dramatic change will occur. Visible change will be gradual. Something new will come into being.

People should make a conscious decision  leave / avoid those situations that no longer work for them, and to resolve conflicts on every plane - values, people, priorities etc.

Those who are willing to walk this path, will cultivate an inner stillness. They will study esoteric sciences. The doors of spiritual realisation will start to open for them.

This group will realise and decide that there is more to life than the physical world and material parameters of success. They will learn to commune with their inner self and discover the path by which they can manifest their own fortune too in the physical world, meaning that the spiritual and worldly paths are not mutually exclusive.

Those who do not take a conscious decision to purify and heal their lives, will have to pay the price by continuing to live a life devoid of true joy. Karmic debt will rest more heavily on their shoulders.

Overall, people will be drawn to spiritual life, after realising that material pursuits, by themselves, are a dead end. Through meditation and other techniques they will discover the missing parts of their lives, and will be guided by their inner voice to their purpose in life.

Youngsters will play a big role in the transformation. Of the people who choose the new path, some (probably the older generations) will lean towards traditional religion, while others and youth will go deeper into spirituality.

A difference with the emerging spiritual quest is that many will choose to walk alone on the path of meditation and self-discovery. Solitude will be the portal to inner life. This will allow for co-existence and blending of the material and spiritual worlds of an individual.

As an estimate, it is likely that a little less than 40% of people will come around to believing and following the spiritual path to find joy.

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