2 May 2012

[Clinton's Visit & Future of US-China Relations]

Q: How will US and China's relationship move forward after Hillary Clinton's visit to China, with so many irksome issues on the table?

This is how the Tarot Cards read the situation currently:

Both sides are under mental stress at the prospect of what lies ahead. There are some concerns that the relationship would regress, and there may be some aggressive posturing. Therefore, both sides will proceed with caution, with the intention of holding on to their defensive positions.

After the initial hesitation, US and China will open up and the atmosphere will change. Progress will not be as tough as they expected. Both will sit down and assess the situation, and do it well, with a level-headed understanding of the long term implications of their decisions.

Some prickly issues are part of the agenda, and either the US or both sides will consider walking away from the issue (not out of weakness but mutual benefit) rather than disturb the peace. Hillary Clinton will come up with a top rate performance.

Neither side will try and take advantage of any situation, and not play the bully! A feeling of fairness will prevail. Hurdles to improving business relations will be dealt with.

Eventually, the cooperation and willingness to trust will lead to a very good relationship between the US & China. 


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