13 May 2012

[Headline: Blackburn Rovers FC - Is it the End?]

Q: What is the guidance for Blackburn Rovers' future under its current owners, Venky's?

The Tarot urges the club & the fans to work with what they have and where they are. What has happened has happened. They must find ways for it to work and make decisions that matter. They must keep the team together, and also try to plug the weaknesses. A female energy is available to help.

Obviously, things have not worked well. For the owners, this is a new business and what they really need now is a dynamic man to run the club, one who is quick, intelligent, focused, and doesn't like wasting time or effort. He goes for what he wants, but in the right manner. The club might need to hire such a person, if he is not currently in the setup.

In the past, success has eluded the club, but not for lack of trying. Things are not in place, but what needs to be done can be done. The club has the means and so they may have to buy / hire what they need. Some fresh start is about to happen.

The environment and mental state is one of negativity, and people are holding on to that negativity. It is time to move on beyond the past.

However, good times are not waiting just around the corner. The difficult situation will persist in the intermediate term, and consistent hard work must be put in for the situation to improve, which it ultimately will. A female energy (likely a woman executive) will be useful, but she will need cooperation from others, and of course, without ego clashes. She might help bring in the money. The path to improvement and success for Blackburn Rovers is conventional, standard formula - hard work, doing the basics right, fan support etc - and there is no need to be over-ambitious. Some financial infusion will be needed.

The road ahead is tough. Good improvement will be visible in about 4 years.

Further guidance for success from The Ascended Masters:

Should Venky's sell the club?
Venkys should definitely not sell, even though they might want to sell (due to poor support & respect for them).  If someone can improve the club's fortunes, one of them is Venkys. Venkys and the Club are actually suited for each other!

What should Venky's do?
Venkys should work their magic. They are successful businessmen and there is no reason for them to fail, even if this is a new business model. How to do it? By staying focused on the objective and bringing the money to the table, for indispensable items.

What should the team do?
First they must believe that they can do it. They need to continue working hard, but importantly to focus on their strength. BR's guidance for strength is to play fluid, flowing football or total football.

What should the fans do?
Have patience. They have to look at the positives in the current situation with Venky's as owners. They must stop being negative and continue to play their role - to support their team.

(Disclaimer for this blog: The author is as clueless about the football business as the club's owners, but the author's family has fans of three clubs, none of which is Blackburn Rovers)

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