25 May 2012

[Headline: Who will be Liverpool's next Manager?]

This reading was requested by Andy W. (Location: Unknown)

Q. Who will be the next manager of Liverpool - Martinez or Rodgers?

First a disclaimer: It can be difficult to pin point an exact outcome because discussions are on during which new efforts or energy comes into play. New candidates can also be approached. Tarot offers guidance towards outcomes. Outcomes depend on energy and free will. If guidance for change is followed, outcomes can be modified.

So we have rephrased the question, and included some candidates that found a mention in the press.

Revised Q: What is the likely thought processes and behind-the-scenes happenings with respect to the major candidates?

Option 1: Roberto Martinez

It appears that Liverpool think that the wait is over, that they have found their Manager in Martinez. However, Martinez is still giving it a thought. He has other options on his mind too.

If Martinez doesn't accept the job, it will most likely be because of monetary considerations. The offer is currently not what he likes. So the club should stretch some more to make an acceptable offer.

Deep down, there could also be some bit of nostalgia factor diverting his attention - his old club, or maybe even a club that he followed as a youngster.

Option 2: Brendan Rodgers

As a manager, he seems a very strong contender. But there is also a feeling of a lack of completion regarding him - not fully prepared, not good enough, or that this is not for him.

He did not accept the initial offer, and there is some cleverness behind that refusal. Maybe money matters, but whatever it is, it is not being revealed. There is confusion about his gameplan.

No decision is being taken regarding him yet. Cards are being held close to the chest. He is a mystery right now and could turn out to be a surprise package.

Option 3: Rafa Benitez

He is not the first choice. There are some drawbacks to his candidacy; he is not 100% there.  There has been some public opinion that Benitez may be a step back for the club.

This channel is still open; communication is on. There is some confusion about him.

If Benitez can use the open communication channels to convert the thinking in his favour, he has a chance. He needs to put forward new ideas, new energy and pure thinking to remove the confusion about him.

Option 4: Andre Villas-Boas

Villas-Boas might have been an option in the past, but they're not making him an offer right now. There's no communication with him. It probably will not work as a happy unit. He might have a tough time at the club or maybe the players will not gel with him.

Option 5: Any Other Candidate

There is no other probable candidate right now.

(The authour is not a football expert or scout. The special disclaimer as for the Blackburn Rovers reading applies here too, except that in this case, one member of the author's household claims to be a Liverpool fan)

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