21 May 2012

[Mitt Romney - Is he Obama's Bane?]

Q. At this point of time, what is the Tarot's guidance for Mitt Romney to succeed in winning the Presidential election?

The task before Romney is to free people from the bondage of stress, particularly economic. He has to let people know that he can do it quickly, but he also has to let them know HOW he's going to do it.  This will show that he is a man in control, and will help make people feel complete in their lives.

Concentrate on the youth. Women are already with Romney, but the crowning glory for him would be the youth. (For both the contenders, youth & women are important). The youth are feeling lost; they typically want everything happening for them, and that too right now.

One category of youth is also the young professionals. Their priority is progress and the flow of prosperity. Communicate with them, through whatever means, about how he (Romney) will help them with their progress & flow of prosperity.

There is a hitch in the campaign right now. There is hesitation and no free flow of energy, ideas etc. They are ignoring certain things, like not looking at the situation and dealing with issues. So the guidance is to be free flowing in the campaign.

Bring new thoughts and ideas into the campaign. Do not get into a war of words with Obama. Do your own thing.

Romney has to open his heart to love (that is also a free flowing energy he needs).

In his mind, he feels in control, and he has to maintain that control, but he has to let people know how he will the economy right. Take charge of the economy.

In these uncertain times, it seems people at large are concerned about their children's future. What can Romney do about this? He has to persistently pursue the task of making families feel happy.

On a mental level, it seems Romney is not revealing everything about his plans or methods. Probably there is some fear that appearing over-smart could be self-destructive.

Romney must attempt to see the other's point of view, get into the other's psyche, including Obama's and the women voters.

He can make great strides with the women; he just has to give it his all. Make the right decisions about women's prosperity, health and help them deal with their insecurity. What he's doing right is talking smartly with women, without patronising them.

It seems he is holding himself back a bit. He must come out in the open, with his full potential. Trust himself and trust women.

Special Guidance for Romney:

- Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water (not colas).
- Educate people about how the economy will be back on track.
- Work your magic. Show it. Trust yorself.

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