19 May 2012

[Headline: Barack Obama - Can he be Emperor again?]

Q: Based on likely outcome (predicted by the Tarot) at this point of time, what is the guidance for Obama for success in the elections?

The outlook isn't bright and sunny, but then the world itself isn't bright and sunny nowadays.

As of now, Obama is not receiving the help he needs; it doesn't appear to the people that he has any control over the economy. In fact, the economy is the cause of his current and possibly continuing grief.

One reason for Obama's troubles could be his failure to foresee and see the consequences of his decisions. But still, what he needs to do is to focus on his strengths, and to trust himself. The cards urge him to use conventional methods.

In the last election and his early days, Obama brought hope to the people and confidence in the economy. He must remember that he has done it before, and he can do it again.

But first he must assess the situation (and he is able to do it accurately), and look at new ideas and new people that come in. Take charge of the situation, and not just on the domestic front. Creating jobs and holding on to jobs is important at this juncture.

It seems the youth are losing patience with Obama's administration. He should move quickly to make his peace with them. Youth need jobs and prosperity. Women too are critical. They need jobs and want to be able to run their homes better. Purify the intentions, like in healthcare. 

In the midst of all this, Obama seems to be part of some drama in which the players pull the other one down. But he must detach himself from that and focus on the real stuff. Look at his priorities. Bring stability.

The environment isn't conducive to being productive, but he must have faith that he can do it. Convey that faith / trust to the people.

A key guidance is for Obama to take the help of women in his team or around him. Probably Michelle. Even more so Hillary Clinton whose advice and action can be valuable.

Mentally, Obama's team feel that they are not doing enough in the campaign, and have made some wrong decisions. Probably a key advisor didn't deliver. So keep the door open for fresh blood.

Currently there seems to be no love lost between Obama and the public, and could get worse if he continues as before. To improve his chances this guidance shows him the path: Trust. Take charge. Women. Youth. Economy.

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  1. Another piece of advice is to read Romney's guidance too!