5 May 2012

[Headline: Is Anna's crusade against corruption on track?]

Q: Will the anti-corruption movement in India, led by social activist Mr. Anna Hazare, be successful?

INTRO: In 2011, Anna Hazare led a popular non-violent movement against corruption, mobilising support across all sections of people in India and abroad. Since then, members of his team have invited controversy (which could have been the work of adversaries) and continue to issue embarassing statements (using their own skills).

It is time now to see where this crusade is headed. The Tarot Cards reveal the play of energy in this campaign, and provide guidance on the best approach for success. For the record, the tarot reader whole-heartedly endorses this and any campaign against coruption!

* * * * * * *  The Tarot reading now ...

Central to the campaign's problems is the internal rift, disagreements, and squabbling in the group. This is a self-destructive path. Some people want quick results; some are clear-sighted about the goal and methods; and then there are some whose decisions can be suicidal for the campaign.

Anna's heart is in the right place. He means well and he is leading from the front. However, there could be issues with control and power. There is a fear of the campaign becoming intolerant. They may demand perfection and compliance, but how?  This attitude does not encourage independence of action in others and alienates the public.

This campaign is not getting what it wants because of lack of cooperation, even from the public. The approach lacks a sense of balance, and things seem to be spinning out of control. The campaign is also not moving forward because some people are stubbornly holding on to their beliefs, and are not welcoming new thoughts/ideas or people. It is time for the team to assess the situation.

This campaign needs a bit of kindness, softness and openness. The strict & stubborn approach is not working.

A key influencing factor that has come up is: CHILDREN

The Cards indicate that the campaign must include children in its vision, however long-term or slow a process that seems. Children must be educated against corruption, and taught with kindness (as opposed to a militant approach, which will not bring about permanent change). This campaign's role is to heal the entire body, not to cut off the diseased limb.

Children also represent the 'soft' sustaining power that this campaign lacks now. And they will bring new ideas, new life to the campaign.

To get this campaign back on track, the leaders need to assess the situation and be practical and sensible. Above all, they must be seen to act in a pure, progressive manner, with a spiritual slant. They must be fair and choose the right path, which also means that it is important to follow the rules, regulations and 'dharma' of the land in pursuing the objective.

Likely Outcome:
There will be some change in favour of the campaign, but successes would be small and sporadic. The much anticipated big success (overall objective) will have to wait, till some fundamental changes are made, such as:

- allowing entry of new ideas and people (with children as core theme)
- being fair and following the right path (working within the law)
- working with kindness and healing approach.

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  1. How to expect kindness from a man who will arrest, hang or personally flog anyone who doesn't agree with his brahmachari, dry lifestyle?

    Change in leadership in China soon. He can apply there.