9 May 2012

[Headline: Will Air India manage a turnaround?]

INTRO: This reading has been done in light of the public anger over the huge bailout package announced by the Indian government for an organizaation that refuses to budge. Recently, just after the bailout, the pilots on the international route threw a tantrum (went on a flash strike) just to bar their domestic-route colleagues from being trained on the Boeing-787 Dreamliner.

Question: Will the US$ 8 billion bailout with tax-payers' money help in turning around the public sector Air India?

Tarot Reading:

The process of seeing this situation in a new light is beginning. The effort by the government is to try and make it work this time. There is no other choice.

Some hard (maybe harsh) decisions have to be taken and some sacrifices have to be made. Employees will not like that, and will respond with aggression, but that does not matter anymore because there is no alternative. The employees will not accept unless the terms are favourable to them, and they are unlikely to accept the terms.

Some people will try to talk sense to others but ineffectively. Many may want to leave the organisation and they will be given options.

The government has been waiting for the turnaround which didn't happen because of wrong decisions and wasted resources. Now the government wants it to work.

The current environment is a feeling of being stuck, of not being mentally confident, and not knowing how to get out of the situation. Employees are unhappy, especially the younger lot (around 20-40 yr olds)

This is the time they will reassess the situation and, in a way, start afresh with clear thinking, new people and new ideas. Confusion will be put aside. Some new work will start.  The key factors at play will be communication, cooperation and professionalism (maybe some highly talented people getting hired)

However dismal the situation looks, the government can make the airline turn around. It is likely some dynamic energy will make an entry. There is a definite chance of revival, if this guidance (for owners and employees) is considered:

- Willingness to make sacrifices, and sticking with tough decisions
- Welcoming fresh energy and fresh perspective

The change process will begin in a few weeks and last a few years. It  may turn out be a tough but magical journey.

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