16 May 2012

[Healing Guidance for You: 16-31 May 2012]

While the blog attempts to understand the subtle, invisible energies underlying everyday situations, in the world it is people who make up those situations. To heal a situation, people must heal; to heal the people, individuals must heal. Therefore, any change starts with a single person - You.

The Healing Guidance will be published based on guidance received from the cards, and will be specific for the next fortnight. You may go deeper into what it means for you personally, but do try to apply this guidance in every situation in your life, even if it doesn't seems normal.

Of course, that does not mean you abandon all common sense and sound reasoning in life's transactions.

Healing Guidance for You: 16-31 May 2012

First, introspect and meditate. Clearly think what is truly important for you in your life; challenge yourself about what is necessary and what is excess. Create a balance in your life, especially between work and home, everyday.  Keep aside personal time to meditate daily, even if it is 5-10 minutes in the beginning.

This is also the time to give priority to your health. The external environment is exerting enormous physical, mental & emotional stress. Check within for signs of wear & tear. If your work is creating stress, ask yourself if you can back away from those transaction without loss, or find techniques to block that stress. Deep breathing. Meditation. Release the accumulated tension by writing about it to yourself. Be with happy, positive people.

Be a happy, positive person yourself, whatever the situation. If it is happening to you, there must a a reason, something to learn. Don't cry about it. Make your peace with your circumstances. Don't look to others, the government, the leaders for help. Find every solution by turning your concentration inwards (Meditation).

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