27 May 2012

[Headline: The World in One Year - Glimmer or more Gloom?]

Q. What is the Tarot forecast for the world in general for the next one year (from now)? What will be the major focus of attention?

Thankfully, the economy, and not wars, will dominate the world in the next one year. It is not going to be a very dramatic year.

The world economy is spinning out of control, but now it seems the nations will approach the problem it in a different, a slightly more compassionate manner. Fresh bonds will be formed between people and countries, and the path of getting out of the mess will be cooperation, harmony and looking at the larger good.

At one level the correction is already happening. The wait is over. Wisdom & understanding will present the right solutions. In time, the world will move on.

Help is on its way. The wealthier nations will overlook differences and work together to put the economies back on track. 

There will be some small conflicts or civil unrest around the world, which could involve nations or the youth. There does not seems to be any major war between nations in the next 12 months.

Nations and the youth are on edge. The youth need to be guided during the period, lest their energy flows in the wrong direction.

Final Outcome:
In a year from now, the overall world economy will take a turn for the better. People will feel better & hopeful. There will be health and healing in the economy.

Advice to people:
Work towards self-healing and creating a positive environment for hope, harmony and healing.

For Healing Guidance, refer to blog posting of 16th May, or use the link below:

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  1. no war? you sure? coz Iran is going to be hammered soon.